The Fixer: S02E04

Tuesday, 22 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite) is stalked by Richard Miller (David Harewood), the man who caused her to be thrown out of the police force. Miller was accused of raping and murdering several of his students but the case was thrown out as a result of Rose’s honey trapping of Miller being judged as entrapment. Miller is back and it’s a case of unfinished business for Rose who wants to find the bodies of the lost girls and convict Miller. Lenny (Peter Mullan) is more than happy to go after the man who has been awarded a huge compensation for his supposed wrongful arrest. Rose will meet with Miller but armed, wired and with the team, including an extremely overprotective John Mercer (Andrew Buchan) watching over her.

The cat and mouse game of the former love affair begins once more with both parties skirting round the other. Miller invites Rose up to his hotel room and offers her £10,000 from his compensation as, having lost her job in the police; she is as much the victim of the case as he is. Now that he has claimed his compensation Miller announces that he is to return to Malaysia the very next day. Rose is desperate not to let Miller escape once again and decides to sleep with him to get him to stay on. Much to the fury of Mercer she disconnects her wire and puts herself at Miller’s mercy.

Mercer and Rose have a flaming row. Mercer clearly doesn’t enjoy the thought of Rose sleeping with other men whilst Rose can’t see the moral difference between what she has been doing and Mercer’s killings stating that they do what is necessary. As Mercer consoles his bruised ego in the hotel bar he allows himself to be seduced by a stunning young woman called Hannah (Patricia Potter), also drinking alone at the bar. Later that evening takes him she takes him out into the car park to have sex and then promptly walks away.

While Mercer is distracted, Paula (Charlene McKenna), a chambermaid who Calum has befriended has gone missing from the hotel. There is a possibility she might be in Ibiza with friends but the real fear is that Miller has taken her. Mercer has clearly not been doing his job properly at the hotel and has no idea of the whereabouts of Miller. Later that night Mercer is arrested and thrown into prison, accused of raping a woman in the car park. He is presented with doctored photographs which show the woman he met earlier in the hotel bar with severe bruising to her face and body. It’s clearly a stitch up.

Rose goes to see the profiler who worked on the original Miller case Bob Winters. Bob is surprised that Rose is still working with Lenny Douglas. Lenny had known that the evidence that Rose got from honey trapping Miller in the original case was always going to be inadmissible. He did not tell Rose this and she now feels badly let down by Lenny. She decides to go it alone and phones Miller to arrange for a meeting at the house that Miller has bought and is renovating in Streatham. Rather enigmatically Miller announces that he has something there to show her.

Rose is not answering her phone and a frustrated Lenny goes to the police station to try to release Mercer. Lenny assumes that Mercer is guilty of the rape but Mercer protests and says that this must be a set up arranged by Matt Symmonds (Elliott Cowan). Lenny confronts Symmonds who wastes no time in gleefully telling him this is indeed the case forcing a furious Lenny to plead for Mercer’s release. Mercer’s dalliance as cost the team dear as Lenny is now in debt to Symmonds who has clearly demonstrated how easy it will be to destroy the unit.

Lenny, Calum and Mercer race to Rose’s flat where the details of Miller’s address are on her computer.

At the house Miller has prepared a champagne reception for Rose but her cover is blown when he discovers a pistol in her coat pocket. Who is Rose? What is she up too?

Miller forces Rose upstairs at gunpoint where he reveals Paula the chambermaid tied and gagged. He proceeds to torture Paula in Rose’s presence and threatens to rape and then murder the girl as a punishment. Miller is distracted by the surprise arrival of the team and in the ensuing confusion Rose grabs the gun. Miller still will not admit where the bodies of the original dead girls are or admit his guilt. A stand off ensues, but can Rose pull the trigger and leave so many questions unanswered?

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