The Fixer: S02E05

Tuesday, 29 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Mercer (Andrew Buchan) threatens Symmonds (Elliot Cowan) with a gun saying that if he plays another trick like the trumped up rape charge, he has a bullet ready with Symmond’s name on it.

Meanwhile, the team are plunged headlong into the violent underworld of cage-fighting in order to deal with elusive criminal and gang leader, Sean O’ Driscoll (David Schofield). A major heist is planned and the team must eliminate Sean before the crime is committed and lives are lost. The problem is finding him. Sean always travels under assumed names and uses surgery to change his appearance.

Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite) and Mercer are sent undercover into the gang’s cage fighting club. Rose plays a PR consultant and her boyfriend Mercer plays the disgruntled ex soldier. Rose befriends Sean’s beautiful girlfriend Gemma Price (Sadie Pickering) whilst Mercer has his eyes on Connor Sean’s son (Sam Spurell); the manager of the club. Mercer belittles cage fighting as being an exhibition of dancing bears and gets involved in a bout with Marty (Dave Legeno), Connor’s enormous trainer. Mercer acquits himself well and shows enthusiasm to be trained as a cage fighter.

Sean is back in the club though initially only Connor recognises him. The criminal gang are crewing up and the annoying Woody (Rupert Farley) has been brought in to handle logistics. Connor has recruited Woody on purpose as he would rather his volatile father turn on Woody than on him. The whole team are scared of Sean but this is particularly true for Connor and Gemma who are engaged in a surreptitious relationship under Sean’s very nose.

As the team seem incapable of finding Sean, Lenny (Peter Mullan) takes a short cut and threatens Woody into revealing that Sean is holed up in a flat above the club. Calum (Jody Latham) breaks into the club and Mercer enters the flat ready to execute Sean. Once there all he finds are plates of spilt baked beans and the body of Woody dead with a fork in his eye.

Our team are sure that Woody’s death was an internal squabble rather than as a result of Lenny’s intervention, but when Mercer breaks back into the flat, Woody’s body has been removed and also sees Sean and Gemma making love. Lenny immediately identifies another short cut; now that they have something on Gemma, they can use her to find Sean. Mercer objects to these short cuts which threaten innocent people. Mercer and Lenny disagree about the definition of innocence.

Mercer has another plan. He believes that if he can get Connor to trust him he will be asked to take part in the heist and consequently will have to be introduced to Sean. Calum stages an incident in the club and draws a gun. Mercer bravely disarms Calum saves the day and stashes the gun under the cage fighting ring.

Impressed by his bravery Connor and Marty take Mercer under their wing and start training him in the ring. Very quickly he earns their confidence and trust and is introduced to someone new, Sean O Driscoll. He grills Mercer about his Belmont Prison past but Mercer remains cool under fire and acquits himself well and is admitted into the gang.

Gemma’s drug taking is getting out of hand and she is desperate to escape her life with Sean. Her erratic behaviour scares Connor, who invites her to the club under the pretence that he is going to take her away from it all. Instead he strangles her admitting that he never loved her and that he only slept with her because she was his father’s girl. Connor then goes to his father admitting to the murder saying that he couldn’t help killing the girl after she had revealed her passionate love for Mercer to him. Sean calls for Mercer to be taken to the office.

As the three men savagely set about an outnumbered Mercer in front of a terrified Rose, John must draw on every ounce of strength both mentally and physically in a bare knuckle fight to the death.

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