The Fixer Series Premiere

Tuesday, 1 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

In this opening two-parter the underground crime fighters take on the Barber Boys, a gang who are terrorising the streets of South London, under their leader Clinton McSmith (Johan Myres). A young teenage girl, Savannah Ford (Nicola Burley), witness to the gangs’ violent activities, is on the run and it is down to the deniable unit to protect her so she can testify against McSmith.

John (Andrew Buchan), Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite), Lenny (Peter Mullan) and Calum (Jody Latham) discover that Clinton is not only trafficking drugs from his barber shop headquarters but is also trafficking kids from care homes and keeping them in a holding building called “The Sexy Disco”. Tracking Clinton’s connection to prison inmate and known former care home employee Leo Westbrook (Mark Benton) the team learn that Clinton himself grew up in the care system and that it was Westbrook who took him under his wing from an early age. From prison, Westbrook is controlling not only Clinton but also the child trafficking operation that is about to go global. In a shoot out, our team intercept the handover of catalogues of children between the Barber Boys and their new Bulgarian partners.

Rose takes charge of Savannah and encourages her to use her feminine wiles to turn gang member B (Ashley Chin). B is also a victim of the care system and has been charged to look after a recent acquisition, a vulnerable young boy Jamie (Jamie Glover). B is uncomfortable with what Clinton is asking him to do with Jamie and with Savannah’s encouragement leaves the gang. Meanwhile Mercer tries to free Jamie from the Sexy Disco and is distressed when the child is too frightened to escape with him. However Calum manages to leave Jamie with a mobile with which they can keep in touch with and trace the boy.

Meanwhile, Lenny has problems of his own. His friend and boss Roger Bowland (Phil Davis) is dying of cancer and Bowland is worried for the unit’s future. He warns Lenny to beware of false admirers. It’s clear that he has someone specific in mind.

Clinton is furious at B’s betrayal sends his gang members to execute him and although Mercer races to the rescue, he arrives too late. Meanwhile young Jamie has been moved from the Sexy Disco and handed over to a buyer named Richard Hyde (Rob Jarvis). Can the team get to Jamie’s location in time before harm comes to yet another child?

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