The Mr. Men Show: Toys

Weekdays at 7.20am

The lovable Mr. Men continue their fun-filled adventures on Milkshake! With a blend of fastpaced physical humour and verbal wit, the Mr. Men cartoons have been a favourite among children for a number of years. ‘The Mr. Men Show’ brings the colourful animated sketch show to a new generation of children aged between four and seven.

This series sees the arrival of new characters Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Magic, while old favourites like Mr Tall, Mr Funny, Mr Curious and Little Miss Bossy also make an appearance. All the characters, old and new, remain true to the essence of Roger Hargreaves’s original creations. The madcap action is narrated by distinguished English actor Simon Callow.

In Monday’s show, ‘Toys’, Miss Whoops’s new playthings prove to be something of a challenge for Mr Bump, the toy shop terrifies Mr Nervous and Mr Fussy invites some friends over to play a new game.

Tuesday’s show is ‘Clean Teeth’. Mr Rude buys a new toothbrush, Miss Sunshine and the Clean Teeth Club invade Mr Grumpy’s house and Miss Whoops tries to scrub Mr Quiet’s gnashers.

Wednesday’s instalment, ‘Picnics’, sees Mr Stubborn head to the beach with Mr Fussy in a storm. Elsewhere, Messrs Messy and Noisy upset Mr Quiet’s lunch and Miss Daredevil rockets to the moon for a cheesy picnic.

Thursday’s episode, ‘Reptiles’, finds Mr Bump struggling to survive Mr Stubborn’s swamp tour, while Mr Grumpy endures a very bumpy ride with Miss Chatterbox and some scaly friends. Mr Nervous, meanwhile, leads Mr Happy and Mr Tickle on a terrifying turtle hunt.

And on Friday’s show, ‘Hats’, Mr Fussy looks for the perfect headgear at Miss Magic’s shop, Mr Stubborn goes for a dangerous drive in an oversized bonnet and Messrs Grumpy, Tickle and Rude go head to head to head in a hat competition.

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