BBC Three to air lesbian drama

What do you call a ‘lesbian drama’? I mean, as it stands, that’s a ludicrously un-catchy name. How about a clitcom? Maybe a Lavendrama? Anyway, whatever buzzword it gets lumbered with, BBC Three are to show one and A Knights’ Tale’s Laura Fraser is to lead the cast.

This new show will be called Lip Service and will see Fraser starring alongside Ruta Gedmintas (The Tudors) and Fiona Button (The Palace). They’ll play three twentysomething lesbians living in Glasgow.

The six-part series by Mistresses writer Harriet Braun will see Gedmintas will playing Frankie, who apparently, is an irreverent and provocative photographer who can’t settle down, while Fraser will play Cat, her ex. Button plays Tess, Cat’s best friend, who seems to always attract the wrong sorts of women.

Gah. It sounds dreadful doesn’t it? If it wasn’t for the promise of some nude women, I don’t think many would even think about tuning in. I can’t even tell you if it will contain nude women. As it’s on BBC Three, I think it’s fair to assume that this will be like Sugar Rush, only with fisting.

Braun said: “All of these characters are very close to my heart, so to have found such a great cast who bring them to life so fantastically is very exciting.”

Lip Service is being made by Kudos, the independent producer behind Life on Mars. Executive producer Derek Wax said: “I am thrilled we have secured such a strong and exciting cast for Lip Service.

“Harriet Braun has a completely fresh and engaging take on contemporary relationships, as explored through the lives of young gay women and it’s fantastic that her tragi-comic series about love, in all its passion and absurdity, has been commissioned by the BBC.”

BBC Scotland head of drama Anne Mensah added: “Harriet’s scripts are very much authored pieces and, as such, the series takes a very vivid and authentic look at the lives and loves of modern British gay women on the cusp of life.”

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  • Orla

    Sounds like a desperate attempt at a lesbian Queer As Folk, minus the charm.

    Which is a shame, since it’d be nice to see a drama/sitcom or otherwise with a lesbian storyline that wasn’t just for kicks. But it’s BBC 3 so I expect lots of fumbling topless in beds and bugger all else.

    Also, what on earth does ‘On the cusp of life’ mean?

  • “Fresh and engaging”, “Tragi-comic”, “very much authored”, “on the cusp of life”… all phrases to strike fear into the hearts of any viewer. They should’ve just said “frotting ladies! boobies!” and have done.

  • AJ

    Is this anything to do with Far Out, the webseries? Is it a remake? The characters have the same names and they are marketing it the same way. It isnt really very fresh as that was online over the summer.

  • AK

    So, you have seen nothing of it yet immediately dismiss it’s storyline as boring (as if the synoposis of any other ‘drama’ isn’t), and Orla, you think Queer as Folk had ‘charm’? It had sex. Lots of it. I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but charm is not what it had. You talk of it being a desperate attempt based on what exactly? Exactly.

    A couple of facts; clits aren’t exclusive to Lesbians, and ‘fisting’ is generally something aggressive males do – to each other and to females who are obliging enough.

    Jeesh the negativity on this page is depressing.

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