Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures Series Finale

Weekdays at 6.55am

Concluding on Milkshake! this week is the current run of ‘Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures’, the popular preschool animation following the exploits of the two best buddies from 123 Sesame Street. Each episode sees the intrepid duo climb aboard Bert’s bed and leave the comfort of their familiar apartment. Travelling through a magical night sky, they visit exotic locations and embark upon a series of fantastical adventures.

A host of new experiences awaits the far-flung flatmates, including an encounter with aliens, the disappearance of their magic wand, a visit to Loch Ness and a spell as secret agents. The fearless globetrotters also scale the heights of the Himalayas, check out the Australian Outback, float on an air mattress in Hawaii, go on safari in East Africa and parachute into the Guatemalan jungle.

The show is produced by Sesame Workshop, German public broadcaster NDR and Five’s Milkshake! The series has been animated by the award-winning company Misseri Studio in Florence.

In Monday’s episode, ‘Under the Sea’, the plasticine pals uncover an environmental problem during a scuba-diving trip. Ethel the mermaid is suffering because Bob keeps dumping his rubbish in the ocean. Can Bert and Ernie save Ethel and convince Bob to change his ways?

In ‘Donnie Quixote’ on Tuesday, Bert and Ernie are squires to the famous knight Donnie Quixote. When the knight loses his glasses, he cannot see a thing and is convinced that there are monsters and dragons all over the court. Can Donnie’s courtiers help him regain his sight?

The last episode of the current run is ‘Gopher Broke’ on Wednesday. Rubber Duckie falls into a gopher tunnel during a picnic with Bert and Ernie. The posable protagonists must go deep underground to rescue their avian associate.

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