Brighton Beach Patrol: Episode 6

Friday 9th October 8.00pm

Continuing this week is the documentary series following the work of the police, lifeguards and RNLI volunteers who patrol Brighton’s worldfamous beach. In this episode, a gang of tombstoners causes havoc, tempers flare between two groups of girls and there is a visit to kitsch royalty-themed cafe The Tea Cosy.

This week on ‘Brighton Beach Patrol’, Britain’s number-one seaside destination is bursting at the seams with holiday revellers. Thrill-seeking tombstoners test the lifeguards’ patience as they repeatedly ignore their safety warnings. Unfazed by the potential dangers, the group seems hell-bent on having a good time, whatever the consequences. But could their risky antics end in tragedy?

Meanwhile, on West Street, a flying bag of chips is the weapon of choice in a scuffle between two groups of girls waiting for a taxi. Tempers flare and the police need to act quickly to ensure no one gets battered. Can the boys in blue get these livid ladies to calm down?

And the Queen reigns supreme at quirky cafe The Tea Cosy, where proprietor and fervent royalist David Daly pays homage to more than one royal throne. With a strict etiquette code (no biscuitdunking allowed on the premises!), will David’s latest customers show due respect to Queen and country? Or will they be out on their ears?

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