Can Mock The Week survive without Frankie Boyle?

Frankie Boyle has left Mock The Week to concentrate on other TV commitments, while the show has been signed up for two new series by BBC Two.

Dara O’Briain will return as host of the quiz and, as usual, the panel members will be drawn from the world of comedy.

Angst Productions series producer Dan Patterson said: “Frankie has been a brilliant member of the team since the beginning and the door is always open for him to come back. We wish him all the best with his other projects.”

In his newsletter, Boyle said: “And finally, I’ve decided not to do any more Mock The Week. I’ve done what feels like a good few thousand of them now and I feel I’ve mocked the s**t out of the week.

“I salute everybody there (salutes). I’m going to concentrate on next year’s tour and some other funny things I’m writing. Be careful out there everybody. Heil Hitler.”

However, can the show survive without Boyle’s acerbic wit? To be perfectly honest, the show felt incredibly tired in recent months, effectively propped up by Boyle. O’Briain is a fine host, however, without the vicious asides from Boyle, I fear he’ll look a little lost.

Andy Parsons is… well… a one trick pony and Hugh Dennis is far too sweet to hold a show on his own. Russell Howard is the weak link in the show and I’d go as far as to say that, if he appears on it, then it’s likely I’ll switch off or over for fear of yet another ‘nan’ joke or dreadful Lord of the Rings pun.

To be honest, the show will need someone as angry and as well loved as Boyle to survive. David Mitchell is an obvious candidate. Maybe Beeb bosses will look toward Charlie Brooker to fill Boyle’s angry boots?

Or, maybe, just maybe, the show will vanish after the next two series?

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  • Anonymous

    Russell Howard makes the show and is the only reason i watch it!!!!
    Yeh Frankie was good and will be missed but Russell is the best!
    Hugh is boring in my opinion and Andy is soo soo sweet.
    But Russell a weak link… dnt think so!

    I lovee Russell Howard – the finest uk comiden around !!!!!


    Am going nuts in albion house, this sucks….tee hee tee hee…..why so serious?

    I plead insanity.

  • DKN

    Frankie made the show in my opinion…His jokes were just the sort that you know you shouldn’t laugh at but you do, bet he drove the BBC PC brigade mad & are glad to see the back of him….His Rebecca Adlington joke was funny though…mmmm does that make me a bad person??ing

  • Aikon

    Hitler’s Reaction to Frankie Boyle leaving Mock The Week:

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