Family! Barbecue

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The fascinating documentary series continues, focusing this week on the everyday life of a family in the Vale of Glamorgan. The episodes centre on Rachel and Hannah, four-year-old twins with contrasting personalities. They live with their mum Andrea, dad Pete, little sister Katie and kitten Dotty.

Rachel and Hannah are two little girls with strong personalities. Rachel likes the outdoors, while Hannah is more arty. Rachel wears her hair in bunches, Hannah prefers it loose. Both girls are tomboys and their bedroom is a bit of a mess! They love cooking and enjoy an active lifestyle, including walking, cycling and Tae Kwon Do.

The girls spend a lot of time with their three-yearold sister Katie. Together they share a comfortable terraced house in Cowbridge, a pretty market town in the Vale of Glamorgan. The local area boasts beautiful rolling countryside and a range of historic buildings, including a castle.

When they are not doing activities, entertaining friends and pestering Dad in his office, the twins play with their kitten Dotty. Livewire Dotty recently shed a couple of her nine lives when she lost her leg in an accident. Finding another kitten to keep Dotty company is a priority for the family.

In Monday’s show, ‘Barbecue’, Hannah and Rachel have some friends round for a barbecue. They all enjoy the delicious food together and play in the garden with their friends.

It’s an exciting day on Tuesday in ‘Tigers and Robot’. Hannah and Rachel have fun painting tigers in the kitchen. They then go into the garden to make a robot from cereal boxes with Dad and Katie.

In ‘Shopping’ on Wednesday, the twins and Katie help Mum with the shopping, stopping first at the farmers’ market for some tasty olives.

Rachel has ‘Chickenpox’ on Thursday. How will she amuse herself as she waits for her twin sister Hannah to get back from school?

Friday’s show is ‘Bed Time’. Hannah, Rachel and Katie play a fun game with Mum and Dad before they have to get ready for bed.

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