Family! Eggs

Weekdays at 9.05am

This fascinating documentary series charts the everyday life of a family on a Sussex farm. The series is told from the point of view of four-yearold Evie. It follows her relationship with her family and her adventures on and around the chicken farm.

Evie lives with her mum, Suzy, and dad, Danny. She is the youngest of four children – her older brothers are Dean (19), Joey (8) and Tam (5). In addition, Evie’s grandparents often come to visit and take her out for the day. Evie’s family are funny, warm and loving, and all the excitement of family life is captured through her eyes and experiences.

Throughout the series, Evie celebrates a birthday, helps build her new bed, plays with her cousins and picks strawberries. All the joys of childhood are present as Evie embarks on a fun-filled voyage of discovery.

In Monday’s show, ‘Eggs’, Granny and Grandad come to visit and take Evie to the chicken shed to collect some eggs. The three of them then make a big batch of egg sandwiches for lunch.

Tuesday’s show, ‘Helping Daddy’, sees Evie spend the day helping her dad with a number of jobs on the farm. First they fix a gate, then they make some bird houses with Tam and Joey. Evie also has a fun ride in the wheelbarrow!

In ‘Babies’ on Wednesday, Aunty Sam has come to visit with Frank and baby Oscar. Evie has a go at feeding Oscar his lunch, changing his nappy and playing with him. Then Mummy finds a box of Evie’s old baby things.

It is time for Evie and her mum to do some ‘Cleaning’ on Thursday. They clean out the rabbit hutch, wipe the windows, vacuum the carpets and polish the furniture. Evie’s grandad Mac helps too, then makes everyone tea.

And on Friday’s show, ‘Evie’s Castle’, Joey builds Evie a castle using the sofa in the living room. The children have great fun playing until Tam bumps his head. Luckily, Mummy is there to kiss it better.

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