Family! Premiere

Weekdays at 9.05am

This fascinating new documentary series charts the everyday life of a family on a Sussex farm. The series is told from the point of view of fouryear- old Evie. It follows her relationship with her family and her adventures on and around the chicken farm.

Evie lives with her mum, Suzy, and dad, Danny. She is the youngest of four children – her older brothers are Dean (19), Joey (8) and Tam (5). In addition, Evie’s grandparents often come to visit and take her out for the day. Evie’s family are funny, warm and loving, and all the excitement of family life is captured through her eyes and experiences.

Throughout the series, Evie goes egg collecting, builds a camp with her brother, plays hide-andseek and picks strawberries. All the joys of childhood are present as Evie embarks on a funfilled voyage of discovery.

In Monday’s show, ‘Evie’s Birthday’, Evie celebrates her fourth birthday. There are balloons to blow up, presents to open and friends to play with too. Mummy has organised a bouncy slide, a disco in the living room and lots of cake.

Tuesday’s show is ‘Going for a Walk’. Evie goes for a stroll with her brothers Joey and Tam. They wander past the chickens and pick up some sticks to bash down nettles. When they get to the stream, they build a dam.

Evie has a new piece of bedroom furniture in ‘Evie’s New Bed’ on Wednesday. The bed has a ladder and a special house to play in underneath. Once Daddy has finished assembling it, Mummy puts the teddies back and it is time for Evie’s first night in her new bed.

Evie’s big brother, Dean, takes her out to pick fruit in ‘Strawberries’ on Thursday. Evie finds lots of lovely juicy strawberries to take home to Mummy and Daddy.

And on Friday’s show, ‘Rainy Day’, it’s a rainy day and everyone has to play inside. Evie plays hiding games with her big cousins, breaks out the playdough with Dean and Tam and draws pictures with Mummy. But she is still determined to go outside – even if it is wet!

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