Farmer Wants a Wife: Episode 5

Wednesday 14th October 9.00pm

Louise Redknapp helps Britain’s most eligible farmers meet the women of their dreams. This week’s participant is 58-year-old Gordon, a fruit and veg farmer in West Sussex. After whittling down his applicants, the disorganised singleton spends time with bossy Jean and laid-back Val, but his funny foibles start to test the ladies’ patience. Can they see beyond Gordon’s quirks and love him for who he is?

“There’s something about a life in the romantic British countryside that really appeals to a lot of ladies,” says Louise Redknapp. “So when we advertised six single farmers on the internet, the response was overwhelming.” More than 2,000 women applied for the role of farmer’s wife. Across this six-part series, the former Eternal singer aims to unite lovelorn farmers with their ideal mates.

This week’s yearning yeoman is 58-year-old Gordon. The shambolic farmer cultivates fruit and vegetables on his 112-acre parcel of land. The cheerful chap lists ballroom dancing and tennis among his hobbies. He enjoys his job and hopes to find a like-minded lady with a good personality and sense of humour to share his farm.

After sifting through a pile of applications from aspiring farmer’s wives, Gordon settles upon bossy police officer Jean, 48, and easy-going Val, 55. The ladies are delighted to visit Gordon’s farm, but are rather taken aback by the disarray of his home and office.

It is clear that Gordon has a disorganised approach to life and, although initially charming, his foibles start to grate. Undaunted, Jean makes it quite clear that she is keen to get her hands on Gordon and whip his home into shape. Gordon, however, is put off by her controlling tendencies, and seems to prefer Val for her vulnerable side. Unfortunately, Val is less keen on the hopeful farmer than her rival.

Gordon gives the girls a taste of farm life by taking them for a spin on the tractor and planting some beans. He then treats them to a night of ballroom dancing and a trip to the races at Goodwood. Sadly for Gordon, Val finally decides to leave the farm. Will he find consolation with Jean?

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