Farmer Wants a Wife Series Finale

Wednesday 21st October 9.00pm

Louise Redknapp helps Britain’s most eligible farmers meet the women of their dreams. This week’s participant is 54-year-old Desmond, who lives alone on his family estate in Norfolk. The hopeful harvester selects writer Kim and cafe owner Tarka to take back to his farm, but a lost dog, a temper tantrum and Desmond’s chaotic lifestyle threaten to derail any chance of romance.

“There’s something about a life in the romantic British countryside that really appeals to a lot of ladies,” says Louise Redknapp. “So when we advertised six single farmers on the internet, the response was overwhelming.” More than 2,000 women applied for the role of farmer’s wife.

The former Eternal singer aims to unite lovelorn farmers with their ideal mates. Potential partners must live on the farms of their suitors for five days and take on the challenges of modern farm life. Can love blossom in the barnyards and pigsties of rural Britain?

This week’s forsaken farmer is Desmond, a sociable 54-year-old who lives on the north Norfolk coast. Alongside his thriving fruit farm, Desmond also manages a 300-year-old mansion and a roadside stall, and is about to open a cafe –making life somewhat hectic. While he lives alone for the most part, his two children often come to stay, along with “a variety of people [who] come and go for work and play”. Desmond’s busy life allows him very little time for dating, but he is keen to find a special woman to join him in his countryside endeavours.

With Louise’s help, Desmond whittles down the applicants to two lucky ladies – 48-year-old writer Kim and Tarka, a 44-year-old cafe owner from London. When the pair first arrive at the estate, they are shocked by the chaos that greets them. Desmond leaps energetically from one half-baked project to another, dragging the bewildered women along with him. However, he does his best to keep them entertained, treating Kim and Tarka to a day of coastal walks, asparagus harvesting, cockling and rabbit hunting – all rounded off with a romantic meal. It is all quite an eye-opener for city girl Tarka who has never before experienced country life, let alone the weird and wonderful world of Desmond.

The following day, however, Desmond finds it increasingly difficult to focus on romance. As his estate cafe opens for the first time, Desmond is engrossed in his own affairs – so much so that he forgets Tarka’s name. He eventually pays the women enough attention to decide he prefers Kim, but his decision has little effect. When his pet dog Teddy disappears and cannot be found, Desmond can no longer cope with the pressure and throws everybody off his estate.

After a brief but manic weekend, there is no doubt that Desmond has made an impression on Tarka and Kim, but does either of them see the frantic farmer as a possible husband?

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