Gary Glitter to be hanged on Channel 4

Sometimes, I convince myself that the People Of Britain are no better than those that inhabit Springfield. The newspapers are filled with comments and letters of people saying “BRING BACK HANGING!” and online, it gets even more bloodlusty. Twitter is fast becoming a vehicle for the internet left-wing lynch mob and Facebook groups can unveil a frankly troubling penchant for people wanting to murder various criminals.

Channel 4 has decided to look at the lynching mentality and is running a season on the death penalty. There’s news of online debates and the like, but the most graphic and startling of them all is a show that will see the hanging of Gary Glitter.

Obviously, it’s a ficticious account (I don’t think TV is ready – just yet – to start televising executions) and set in a Britain where the death penalty has been reintroduced for certain crimes. Glitter is the first to be tried under the new capital punishment legislation.

You probably don’t need telling that it will see Glitter being hanged following a public outcry over his child abuse cases .

Apparently, Channel 4 contacted Glitter to inform him of the film, The Execution of Gary Glitter, which will be broadcast on November 9th.

Head of documentaries Hamish Mykura told The Mirror: “High profile crimes against children often prompt calls for the death penalty. This drama confronts the public with what many say they want.”

To launch the drama, Channel 4 commissioned a survey in which 70 per cent said the death penalty should be brought back for certain crimes.


[via Telegraph]

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  • DJDarren

    Potentially, this could be rather illuminating. I mean, I’ve read countless posts on Facebook by people who claim that- given half a chance- they would inflict some serious amounts of torture on “filfy peedofiles”. As we all know, the fantasy and the reality of a given thing are often very different, so perhaps it could cause the blood thirsty masses to question whether they really would want to see Glitter, Huntley et al put to death.

  • Mr_kristopherson1983

    I think Britain should re-think its attitudes towards the death penalty, no matter how many scientific breakthroughs we make theres always a chance the appropriate authorities could have got it wrong. Fair enough, as far as i’m concerned, glitter was guilty from the evidence i’ve read etc but what gives anyone the right to take the life of another person – if hanging was brought back (and in todays society it wouldnt surprise me to see a health and safety inspector deeming it a death trap) there would be appropriate bodies to carry out the authorisation of the death and carrying out – what people are saying from the DJ’s post is that they’d do it themselves. Really? Are they as black hearted as Glitter? Cold, cold hearted and may i add MORONIC Britain. They square up about things they can’t comprehend. What else would the hanging bring? a lack of understanding from certain parts of society – trust me, we fuck up with the most of the simplest of tasks – wouldnt surprise me if we saw vigilantes crusing the roads and taking the laws and lives into their own hands. Trust me, Britain is that broken and we dont want anymore change brought into the ranks – its a different world to the 60’s or whenever the last hanging was.

    Now then, other points to consider – PRO hanging, well the prison system is overflowing so it would make a possible deterrent and maybe free up some space? no, bullshit!

    What is wrong with society? Do the maths, money is the source of all evil!!! Look around you!!! IF we wernt so bloody dependentend on growth and greed blah blah blah and looked mnore into sustainability we’d be plain sailing. Money+people without money (not all, most) = crime = money.

    Ok, that point is irrelevent!!! I just wanted to type it…

    Lastly, sort out the legal system – irradicate ridiculous laws – regulate the drug laws for instance. Drugs + money = crime + found guilty = porridge, right?

    I’m not saying legalise heroin blah la la, cannabis? how, why? think about it, frees up police time, if people buy the SEEDS from a reputable source, and the government dont overprice it etc, people should be allowed to smoke it and grow it in their own homes. Right, that irradicates dealing probably 1000fold and drug related crime on a small scale. Probably more than i’d anticipate.

    Why have i jumped off route into this montage-esque info-rant? Because it gives police the opportunity to catch the real criminals, thus creates slightly more room in prisons – thus quashing the idea to bring back hanging due to the overflowing prisons. By the way, did the overflowing prison stuff stop Tony Bliar going to prison?

    NEXT! Make life: LIFE! MAke ’em serve a punishment if its murder, rape paedophillia and whatever else your mind dare not think about

    Fraud – what suitable punishment does the public think we should give to the banks? Well, i’ve often heard giving the money back quashed on news programmes and debates… no one ever asks why this isn’t the case? Does britain think that ruining the lives of millions of people and businesses worldwide is a hangable offence? Easy way to stop it, we need to destroy capitalism to its core – it creates the problems!

    So Britain, You’ve probably ignored or thought what a load of tripe. Fair enough… but my point is, its NOT THAT SIMPLE, theres millions of pixes to make up a picture, if you want hanging consider all points of view before you start blarting on facefuck about you yourself saying you’ll hang someone for free on the basis of one disgusting person such as glitter. He should’ve been banged up for crimes against music too!

  • Adam crossland

    I am sick of people saying what right do we have to take the life of another person blah blah hu
    an rights for prisoners theyate people too. if someone has killed then why shouldn’t they suffer the same fate they dealt out to someone? I’m talking about serial killers and pre mediteated muders, the sort that can’t be given therapy to change, if your a cold blooded killer then that’s what you are, sadly there are and always will be people like that. why keep them in a prison? what purpose are they serving society or anything or anyone! lets face it half of them won’t give a shot they are in prison are they. why can’t we castrate rapists? why not if they commit a horrific offense to someone and it is proven then why not punish them? why put them in a cushy prison with other sick twisted folk? you know that everyone hopes in the back of their mind that they get raped in prison- lots of people come to these conclusions out of pure frustration about the blaringly obvious fact that there is no law and order anymore. what I am saying is there is no deterant for any crime these days- young kids can kill so eons- shoot or stab and k ow that they will be out in as little as 5 years, back put with a murexer under their belt- something to bra about, and why not do some more if your not going to get punished?? this country is too concerned aboutprisons with telly and letting the victims pick up the pieces of their lives- whatever the crime, instead of native for them. we need to restore the faith in the courts again. I have not been a victim of serious crime before- but as a 30 year old I have no faith what so ever in the juditial system, if I was mugged or stabbed or stalked I wouldn’t be confident the offender would recieve any real punishment. If the laws are sorted out, then people wouldn’t be so frustrated and start declaring they will kill people for free and we should hang everyone. if crimes are getting worse then give put life meaning life, castrate rapists and child offenders and if we get another hanibal lecter then hang the nut case! I think that’s qute a sensible start! the rest is up to the gov- what do I know! I’m no lawyer. but it’s not rocket science to make sure your laws are real to give faith back to the largelynormal folk of Britain.


    I founf the documentary about Gary Gitter on Chanel 4 this evening to be in very bad taste. I do not abide with waht Mr Gitter did in Vitnam or in the UK. i do however think that the progamme should have been made about the pervert who killed and abused those two inocent young children in in Suffolk, or the animal that mudered Sarah Payne’d child or the murder of Milly Dowler. Gary Gitter is a loy of things, but he is not a murderer

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