Go Compare adverts make me self harm

One skill I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, is people’s ability to quickly pick up a remote control and press mute. Initially, I didn’t give it too much thought as I was probably daydreaming at the time… however… once I’d tuned back into the world, I noticed that everyone has developed a Spidy Sense for the start of those Go Compare commercials.

When the commercial is merely nanoseconds old, people jerk into action and press mute before that hideous wailing begins.

You know the one don’t you?

Of course you do. One look or mention of this putrid, fetid giblet of an advert and your head is filled with faux-opera and a man prancing around wearing Pavarotti’s pickled corpse over his shoulders.

The thing is, this kind of advertising is so horribly knowing that even writing about it makes me want to hurl.

The horror marketeers knew damn well that they were making a commercial that was rubbish and irritating. It’s the Sheila’s Wheels Effect. It’s creating the advertising equivalent of Timmy Mallett.

In fact, I’m surprised that someone hasn’t convinced our man to tattoo Ken’s Used Tyre Emporium on his forehead, with the words SALE ENDS NOW branded onto his tongue while he goes “Bluuuh, bluuuuh, bleeeeh, bleeeeh, bluuuuh” into camera for 30 seconds.

With this dreadful opera and faux-confused People Like Us, Go Compare have effectively told us that the thing that represents the company best is a grotesquely obese man with a stupid moustache who doesn’t mind charging up to people and screaming at them from close range until they want to cry all the water out of their bodies and pray that they drown in their own tears.

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  • cait

    I am one of those who mutes this ad. It has offended my ears more than any other of late. Fortunately I rarely watch TV as it happens and can forward through ads on Virgin On Demand. This makes me a much happier person all round.

  • Go Compare Babe

    I love the go compare man – in particular his arousing moustache

  • Go Compare Babe

    I love the go compare man – in particular his arousing moustache

  • Go Compare Hater

    I think the worlds population hate the Go Compare adverts, there should definitely be a law as to how many times companies are allowed to show these adverts, surely it’s classed as mental torture. I guess they think.. “well if we show it enough time people will talk about it and use us”. Wrong, I will go out of my way never to use this firm, there are better ways to market your company, take “compare the market” for example, very clever with cute little meerkats, who can hate them?

    Oh…. and Go Compare Babe’s comments above are obviously part of the marketing teams bid to lower any negative comments of the company on the net.

  • Anonymous2

    I hate these adverts, I mute them until they are finished as well. Out of protest, I refuse to go to the “go compare” website as this may help fund future annoying adverts

  • soreears

    I actually turn over to another channel, advert schedulers should take note that alot of viewers are swithcing channel because of this viral tripe

  • Steve

    The worst advert ever, ever, ever, ever! I hate it.

  • IhateGoCompareAds

    I also mute these adverts, or switch over to another channel as soon as one of these adverts come on. They drive me crazy.
    I will never, ever use gocompare just because of my hatred for this advert. Neither now or if they ever change their advertisment.

  • TOTAL Crap you would think a company as bis as gocompare would not have to resort to employing children to make there ads. If i were to place a ad on tv i wopuld insist that my ad was screened before gocompare because if it was after it would never get heard because half the country have pressed mute and they usualy leave it muted till the progream they were watching come back on. So take heed all you companys you could be waisting your money.

  • Karrie

    I’m glad it’s not just me. Hearing even the opening line of this tripe drives me insane.

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