Hollyoaks Cast News

Hollyoaks Cast News

Kelly-Marie Stewart – who plays Hayley – has revealed to Fabulous magazine how she’s “determined” to walk again after contracting Guillain-Barré syndrome three years ago which left her paralysed from the waist down.

She explained too how she heard about her diagnosis after collapsing and being unable to walk since that collapse…

“I didn’t feel scared, it was just really weird” she told the magazine, adding, “I tried and tried to get my legs to move, but they wouldn’t.

“I called for help and two nurses carried me back to my bed.

“Even then I wasn’t worried. I just presumed it was a symptom of the virus and that when I got better it would go away.”

Kelly-Marie was then taken to a specialist neurological unit, but she tried to stay positive, even though her prognosis seemed bleak…

“Actually, I felt very lucky in many ways.

“All that time I was in hospital, my mates did their utmost to make sure I never felt alone. I felt very loved and cared for, and I learnt that I share my life with some very special people.

“There were young people in there with no movement or feeling from the neck down. Compared to their problems, mine seemed minor.”

What a brave woman! And happily, she’s now looking forward to the birth of her first child in March. Kelly-Marie met her partner Ian Fox nearly six months after she left hospital, and the couple can’t wait for their baby to arrive…

“We did the pregnancy test and when it came up positive, we both cried.

“I’ve always dreamed of becoming a mum and I know Ian will be an amazing dad.

“Some people with this condition don’t ever get better, but I’m determined I will. And my baby will be the most precious gift – I’m so lucky.”

She really is an inspiration isn’t she?

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