Jack Osbourne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie Series Finale

Tuesday, 20 October 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

This week Jack continues his adventures with Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd, singer Natalie Imbruglia and television presenter Konnie Huq. Having survived a mountainous adventure in Canada, this episode sees Jack and the celebs head 3000 miles away to the tropical island of Hawaii for a deep and deadly mission in the clear waters.

The team are in Hawaii to have a go at freediving; learning how to hold their breath and swim as far under water as possible without a lung bursting!

Jack explains, “The dangers are shark attacks, getting knocked out by a speeding boat, shallow water black outs, you can drown…There’s a long list of dangers but, in typical Adrenaline Junkie style, we take them in our stride!”

Freediving is a competitive sport with several different variations and can trace its roots as far back as the fifth century in Korea. Professional freedivers train for many years. The celebs have two days.

Two professional freedivers give the team a crash course in breathing technique on dry land before heading to the pool. In order to freedive they have to relax and hold their breath for as long as possible, needing focus, control and a calm mind. They’re practicing in only four feet of water but failure to master the technique will put them in danger later.

Natalie says, “I’m quite into meditation so that side of it appeals to me. But for a singer I have terrible lung capacity.”

Natalie, Billy and Konnie all push themselves and each manage to hold their breath for up to four and a half minutes underwater. But when it’s Jack’s turn he finds it more of a struggle and decides not to go again.

The team then head out into the open sea for more training, and Jack says “everything bodes well except for the fact I blacked out!”

They have to get used to descending down a fixed line to a yellow plate and all of the celebs manage to reach the 50ft target. But when Konnie comes up, the professionals notice she’s having difficulty with her breathing and suggest she heads back to the boat.

To sharpen up their new found skills Derren, the professional diver, challenges them to swim into an underwater cave. He explains, “There’s no bailing out on this one because you’re not going to have air above you, you’re going to have a ceiling.”

Drained by the strength of the waves, the girls retreat but the boys swim into the 30ft underwater tunnel and plunge into the cave.

That afternoon, the team have a go at one of Hawaii’s most famous sports. Jack explains, “We thought it’d be massively inappropriate if we came here to do extreme sports and didn’t go surfing.”

Natalie feels the need to apologise to her countrymen saying, “I apologise to all Aussies watching – I can’t surf!” But still manages to nail the longest wave of the day.

The next day the team are back on the boat for their second day of freediving. In teams of two they dive as deep as they dare, starting at 50ft and increasing by 10ft each time. The boys go first and both hit 60ft easily. Watching from the boat and feeling under pressure, Konnie says, “I hope they don’t turn it into some manly, macho dive-off!”

Jack and Billy both make 80ft and Jack also hits 90ft. As Billy dives down for 90 the freedivers decide to go with him but he makes it all the way and returns to the surface triumphant.

Then it’s the girls turn. But a few metres into Konnie’s first dive Derren notices something is wrong and brings her back to the surface. Worried that there might be a problem with her ears he decides against her continuing and sends her back to the boat for medical attention. Of her second setback, Konnie says, “I can’t breath right, can’t hear right!” Meanwhile, Natalie pushes on faltering close to the 70ft plate but eventually making 80ft.

Jack then explains the team’s last adventure, “fourteen miles paddling in open sea to an uninhabited island eleven miles away from civilisation.”

The team head off in kayaks to the northernmost island on an expedition that should take them about seven hours.

Billy says, “I’ve never kayaked before, extreme or otherwise.”
“I had a practice last week in Regents Park!” jokes Natalie.

After reaching the island, the team pitch tents for a night under the stars before heading home and reflecting on their trip.

Konnie says, “Even the bits I hated, you enjoy in retrospect.”

Natalie says, “On this trip I’ve been the most scared, and probably had the most fun, of my life.”

After two months, 60000 air miles, six celebs, three extra Osbournes and numerous highs and lows, Jack’s latest mission has come to a close.

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