October 7 2009

  • Newt attempts to explain to Rae about Eli
  • Lydia tells Charlotte that her and Sarah had plans to adopt a child
  • Jake returns to Hollyoaks village

Newt, Rae, and Eli

Rae is upset when she discovers that she’s been robbed of her money, and Newt is forced to try and explain about Eli.

Newt finds it difficult to explain about Eli, Rae meanwhile finds it quite hard to understand, Newt is able to get through to her however, and is able to get Rae to see that he isn’t a bad person.

Now able to talk about Eli with Rae, he and Rae start to mock Eli as they question his sexuality, and wonder whether or not he wears underwear, given that he doesn’t actually physically exist.

Eli storms off as Newt and Rae continue to have a good laugh at his expense, it’s not long before Newt is forced to face his former life however, as Lauren turns up at the building.

Lauren explains to Newt that she’s been worried sick about him, with Eli at his side Newt is less than polite to Lauren however, and is convinced that she’s trying to poison him when she attempts to hand him his pills.

Finding Newt’s barrage of insults too much to handle, Lauren slaps Newt across the face, and throws his medication down to the floor as she runs off and leaves him, telling Newt that he has now lost her for good.

Newt is left in a state as Lauren takes off, and is soon in for further bother as Rae emerges and confronts him about Lauren.

Lauren has just brought up the names of Theresa and Anita, and with Newt having previously told Rae that he’s single, Rae now feels that Newt has lied to her, and therefore betrayed her trust.

Lydia and Charlotte

Still in hospital having self-harmed after the death of Sarah, Charlotte is there to try and comfort Lydia at the hospital, and it comes as quite a surprise to her when Lydia starts saying about the life that she and Sarah had planned out together, and how they had been hoping to adopt a child in the future.

Lydia claims that there were a lot of things that the two of them had talked about, this is all news to Charlotte though, and a lot for her to try and take in.

Archie turns up at the hospital in order to try and get some answers from Lydia, and although Charlotte tries to hush Archie away; Lydia agrees to let him stay, and accuses Zoe of ruining her life.

Lydia tells Archie that Sarah and Zoe swapped parachutes before they got on the plane, although she tries to make out Zoe is guilty though, Archie is having none of it, and knows that his sister wouldn’t ever do such a thing.


Jake returns to Hollyoaks, and with Frankie having gone out with Steph, it is up to Jack to try and welcome him back into the village.

Jake knew that returning to the village would be hard, and is receiving a rather frosty reception from everyone as he attempts to go about his day.

A run-in with Kris and a not so successful meeting with his mother leaves Jake feeling as though he has no one to really turn to, and it just hasn’t been at all a good day for Jake as he senses that not one single person in the village is actually happy to see him back.

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