Review: Life (BBC One)

The picture you see above is a little man in a monkey suit. We’re talking a svelte Ronnie Corbett smashing a huge stone into an impenetrable seed. The BBC’s newest nature doc, Life, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, claims that this footage is a clear indicator of what we humans would’ve looked like millions of years ago when we were monkey-like.

Except that this is clearly a little human passing himself of as a monkey.

Aside from the beautifully shot monkey ruse, we also got to see a whole bunch of beautifully shot CGI things. A giant sorrowful octopus who died so that its eggs could live… a weird insect with eyes on stalks blown up and out by air-bubbles… dolphins swirling clouds of dust in the water to spell out cryptic messages…

…and on and on it went. The programme was the poshest lie ever aired on TV. Attenborough told us all about each magnificent feat with a straight face like it was fact. Hats off to him. Each super slo-mo shot was beautifully captured and made me dribble with joy.

Even though this show was complete fiction, there’s no hiding from the fact that it was the most beautifully shot show of 2009. It was insanely attractive.



It was all real? There really are fish that sprout wing-like fins and glide for 200 meters out of the water to escape being eaten by predators? There really is a strange dance undertaken by grebes that see them running on the surface of the water and… and…

Sorry. I can’t quite process it all. Life is clearly the greatest television programme that has ever been shown on British TV. Watch this and prepare to be completely knocked out of the ball park. Sensational television.

(Are you sure it’s not all lies? It can’t be! etc)

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