The Fixer Series Finale

Tuesday, 6 October 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

In the final episode, Mercer faces international hitman Supari.

Supari (Ace Bhatti) an Indian hitman arrives in Britain direct from Paris on a mission to kill a ten month baby boy, named Shakespeare, heir to a huge fortune. The child’s death would ignite a turf war between two major players in the Indian crime underworld and the team must take him out to stop the bloodshed. Ironically, the hit on Supari has been ordered by his own brother, Chavan (Paul Bhattacharjee). Chavan is one of the two underworld chiefs and is keen to prevent bloodshed, despite it requiring the death of his own brother.

Mercer (Andrew Buchan) and Calum (Jody Latham) make for St Pancras to intercept the Supari, while Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite) posing as a nanny, heads to protect the mother and baby boy.

At the station Supari evades Mercer and Calum who then have to race to the house to save not only mother and child, but also Rose. Lenny (Peter Mullan) warns Rose to get out of the house but as she attempts to make an escape with mother and child, they discover the family bodyguard with a bullet between his eyes. The killer is in the house.

Supari easily overcomes Rose and guns down the mother who sacrifices herself in an attempt to protect her baby. As Supari readies himself for the final shot, Mercer arrives on the scene and wounds him. Supari escapes, leaving a shocked team with the ten month old baby to contend with.

Back at the flat Lenny is sure that Supari will want to fulfil his assignment and pursue Chavan to get to the child. Calum and Mercer head to Chavan’s wedding shop to lie in wait for Supari whilst the baby is entrusted to Manuela (Elisa terren) who, despite Calum’s reluctance that she should be involved in the team’s activities, is showing great maternal instincts and is keen to help.

A man called Ashby has been hired by Symmonds (Elliot Cowan) to gather evidence on Lenny giving Mercer a kill order. Ashby can’t get into the flat to place cameras and microphones unless it is empty so Symmonds phones Rose saying that he needs to talk to her.

Rose is reluctant to leave Manuela on her own, but Manuela assures her that she will be fine alone. With the baby in her arms, Manuela phones Calum saying that she wants to make a real go of their relationship together.

Back at the wedding palace Mercer and Calum lie in wait for Supari. When he arrives, Mercer is drawn into a vicious battle with the lethally effective hitman. As Mercer fights for his life, Rose is on a wild goose chase to meet with Symmonds, whose diversion has left the flat empty for Ashby to gain safe access. Or so he believes. As he breaks in, he is confronted by a terrified Manuela, who, upon hearing the noise has hidden the baby and retrieved one of the team’s hidden pistols. Ashby knows he has been made, and needs to cover his tracks.

With Mercer in the fight of his life, and Manuela pleading for hers, the explosive, brutally shocking finale to The Fixer blows apart the team’s fragile defences, leaving those left behind, reeling and baying for blood. But whose death must be avenged? And at what cost?

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