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Over in Walford, the webcams are still, very irritatingly, showing “Censored Filming”, but today’s snippet of script – from filming for 29th December – reads…

JANINE: What’s the point? You’re a dreamer, Ryan. A little minnow trying to be a big fish.

RYAN: If I’m that much of a disappointment, maybe I should move out?

JANINE: Fine. I will.

RYAN: Fine. You do that.

Not really much of a clue there as to what’s going on, but in other EastEnders news, it seems Sam is about to get jiggy with Jack.

What is it with him and Mitchell women? He’s only got Peggy and Aunt Sal to go and he’s scored with them all! Yuck!

Over in Yorkshire, it seems that Ashley’s about to get into a punch up with rival Vicar Vincent, and poor Laurel is to be left “fighting for her life” after her and Ashley’s deranged and unwelcome lodger, Sally Spode -wife of Vincent – sets fire to the Vicarage, in the full knowledge that Laurel’s trapped inside the house.

A show insider told The Sun newspaper, “What most viewers won’t know is that Charlotte Bellamy was heavily pregnant when we filmed the scenes.

“She was crawling across the floor with six foot flames burning around her all the while trying to hide her baby bump.”

These frantic scenes are set to air in mid-November and we’ll be wondering if Laurel makes it out alive or not.

However, Emma Atkins has hinted on her Twitter page that one of the Dingle clan is not long for this world, saying simply, “A Dingle will die.” Yikes…I wonder if maybe Shadders tries to save Laurel??

And in Corrie, Teresa it seems is about to get her love hooks into Lloyd, but she’ll have to deal with Liz too, who is the real object of Lloyd’s affections. And judging by this spoiler pic, she’s not going to relinquish hold of him – or his throat – that easily.

It’s also being reported today that Rula Lenska is to make a guest appearance on the Street in the form of a posh friend of Audrey’s.

A show spokesman told the PA, “Rula will play a glamorous friend of Audrey’s who she meets up with at a function.

“She makes Audrey think about her life and what she wants out of it.”

For those of you struggling to place the name, it was Rula who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother the same year as George Galloway and the pair acted out that hideously embarrassing cat-milk scene.

It still makes me shudder now ;-(

That’s it from me for today but join me again tomorrow for more soapy news, gossip and spoilers. Have a good un!

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