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Good evening folks! This week, it’s Big Band Week and below are all of this week’s song choices… let us know what you think of them and join brokenbottleboy for a great in-depth blog minute by minute!

All the numbers you need to vote are here at the end of this post, and in the meantime, if you just have to have a song you’ve heard tonight, just click on the iTunes icon to be taken right to it!

Olly was first up tonight and he looked dang hot! He sang really beautifully too! Louis loved it and told Olly that he’d be “here for a long, long time.”

Dannii loved it too and she thinks he’s learned well from the master mentor this week, Michael Buble. Cheryl was impressed too and Simon reckoned Olly was in his “comfort zone” with Bewitched.

Olly Murs sang ‘Bewitched’ Frank Sinatra - Nothing But the Best (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered] - Bewitched

Lloyd was next up with Fly Me To The Moon, but his performance wasn’t as good as some we’ve heard from him I don’t think, but that said, he seemed to love being a showman on stage and did a good ol’ Rat Pack swagger!

Louis reckoned Big Band wasn’t really Lloyd’s thing, and he also reckoned he’d be better in a band rather than going solo. Dannii disagreed totally and loved his performance, however, Simon felt Lloyd lacked confidence. He didn’t like the fact Lloyd did a back-flip either!

Cheryl of course backed him completely and fortunately, she seemed to have cheered up this week!

Lloyd Daniels sang ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ Frank Sinatra - 40 Classic Tracks - Fly Me To The Moon

Miss Frank looked very demure tonight in pinstripe trouser suits. Their harmonising was spot on in my humble opinion 🙂 And Louis let them do the rapping that everyone seems to love so much!

Dannii said the girls were “back in the race!”, Cheryl “absolutely loved it” and she said the girls had added “attitude” to the performance. Simon said that this performance was the first time – since the live shows began – that he’s “believed” in them as a group. He also admired the fact that the girls can take criticism well without moaning about it.

The last word went to Louis of course and he said they looked like a “world class girl group”. Bless him…

Miss Frank sang, ‘That’s Life’ Frank Sinatra - Nothing But the Best (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered] - That's Life

Up next was Rachel singing Proud Mary. She of course has been in the bottom two twice in a row, so I’m sure she was praying that doesn’t happen again this week. She sounded a lot more confident tonight, and I liked her hair a lot more this week too… just by the by 😉 It was straightened in a bob, and it really suited her!

So what did the judges have to say? Well, Louis told her she was a “wonderful singer” and he urged the public to vote for her. Cheryl said how much she liked Rachel and she hoped she could prove herself to the people at home.

Simon reckoned Rachel sang like a “brand new competitor” and he thought she’d done a great job of the vocal and the performance this week. Last word went to Dannii who said, “That’s how it’s done”. She also apologised to Rachel for getting it wrong in the last couple of weeks, but she seemed to have got it right this week!

Rachel Adedeji sang ‘Proud Mary’ Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle - The 20 Greatest Hits - Proud Mary

Jamie was up next singing Angel of Harlem which was a last minute substitute apparently, and given that it was, he did an awesome job of it! He was note perfect, and as always, totally owned the stage.

Louis was first to comment and he reckoned that Angel of Harlem wasn’t Big Band and U2 aren’t a “Big Band”. He even went as far as to say it was “cheating” and he blamed Simon for that. Dannii said he sang like a “true pro” but lacked the magic of last week’s performance.

Cheryl said it didn’t “excite” her and Simon agreed that it wasn’t as good as last week’s performance, but he mainly took the mickey out of Louis, calling him a jobsworth.

Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer sang ‘Angel Of Harlem’ U2 - The Best of 1980-1990 (Limited Edition) - Angel of Harlem

Stacey Solomon was up next with When You Wish Upon A Star, and she said she was singing it for her son, Zach. She looked stunning in a long silver dress and her performance matched it in sparkle! Note perfect, spot on time, she “nailed” it as the judges love to say!

But what did they actually say? Louis said, “Wow!” and added that “everybody loves you.” Cheryl told her she looked like a princess and although it wasn’t “the best” she’d heard her sing, she still enjoyed the performance.

Simon agreed that the song wasn’t as good as previous performances but Dannii said that Stacey had had a hard week and had “hit the wall”. But she added that nonetheless, Stacey had put in a great performance.

Stacey Solomon sang ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ Cliff Edwards & Disney Studio Chorus - Disney Greatest Musicals - When You Wish Upon a Star

Next on was Danyl Johnson and he looked extra gorgeous in a suit and untied bow tie! However, I personally thought a lot of the song was in a key too low for him and he sounded like he was struggling a couple of times. He was still great though!

As to the judges, Louis said Danyl was “born to sing and entertain” while Dannii said she had a lot of respect for him for making it his version.

Cheryl said it was “another great performance” and Simon said Danyl hadn’t had enough credit in the show so far. He added that tonight, Danyl had been in a “completely different league” to the other acts.

Danyl Johsnon sang ‘Feeling Good’ Nina Simone - Feeling Good - Feeling Good

Joe McElderry was next and like all the guys tonight, he looked slick and Rat Packish and – as Brian the choreographer hoped – pretty sexy during his on stage moves! A bit uncomfortable at times maybe…

Louis said Joe would be in the competition until the very end. Dannii agreed and said he makes her smile. She did however say he looked a bit like a “little boy” on stage.

Simon said Joe rose to the challenge but said the song wasn’t “him”. Cheryl remarked that he was “sparkly” and “sexy”. Bless…

Joe McElderry sang ‘Sway’ Dean Martin - Dino - The Essential Dean Martin - Sway

Lucie was next and not only sang beautifully, as ever, but she looked fabulous in a long red dress. The judges were all very impressed with her version of My Funny Valentine too; Louis called it an “amazing performance”, Cheryl said that it was “stunning” and “beautiful.”

Simon liked the vocal but he reckoned she sang it like an “actress” and though it was a good performance, he said he didn’t quite “get it.” Dannii though said Lucie’s performance had been faultless and she wasn’t impressed with Simon’s comments!

Lucie Jones sang, ‘My Funny Valentine’ Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald: Gold - My Funny Valentine

And finally, controversial act John and Edward sang ‘She Bangs’. They looked a bit, erm, how to put it? Loud… One of them had a lime green suit on while the other a bright red one. Yikes…

Dannii said, “that was some performance!” but added that their singing isn’t great, but they’re “entertaining”. Cheryl remarked that the boys are “two of the nicest I’ve ever met” but Simon – unsurprisingly – wasn’t bowled over, however, he did say he gave them credit for “putting on a show.”

Louis had the last word and said that he thought it was their “best performance yet”.

John and Edward sang Ricky Martin’s ‘She Bangs’ Ricky Martin - Sound Loaded - She Bangs

Here are all the numbers to use to keep your favourite acts in the competition…

For Olly 0901 61 61 101

For Miss Frank 0901 61 61 103

For Jamie 0901 61 61 105

For Danyl 0901 61 61 107

For Lucie 0901 61 61 109

For Lloyd 0901 61 61 102

For Rachel 0901 61 61 104

For Stacey 0901 61 61 106

For Joe 0901 61 61 108

For John and Edward 0901 61 61 110

Join us again tomorrow to find out who’ll leave the show then on Monday morning for a full going over of Sunday’s elimination show! Have a great night and thanks for visiting us at Throng!

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