Animal Families Series Premiere

Weekdays at 6.50am

Much-loved wildlife presenter Michaela Strachan returns for a new series of the show that explores our similarities to creatures in the animal kingdom. From elephants to meerkats, the programme investigates how baby animals cope with the world around them. For the first time, Michaela is joined on her travels by her four-year-old son, Oliver.

Just like our world, the animal kingdom is full of families. In this preschool wildlife series, presenter Michaela Strachan sets out across the planet to meet the youngest members of animal families, and find out just how similar they are to us.

Michaela and her young helpers will investigate everything from hairy bears to sea-going penguins. Each programme is themed around a familiar aspect of daily life, such as playing with friends, going to school or having a bath.

Every episode of the series comprises three strands: a story based on the programme’s theme, a tactile wildlife tale that introduces children to animals and a soap-opera-style update on an animal family.

In ‘Keeping Cool’ on Monday, Michaela finds out how different animals beat the heat. She travels to the deserts of Africa to find a snake and spider that bury themselves underground, and accompanies a herd of elephants playing in a mud pool.

Tuesday’s show is ‘Swinging’. Who is the king of the swingers? From monkeys to sloths, this episode features an exciting sweep through the trees with the best acrobats in the animal kingdom.

‘Gathering Food’ on Wednesday is all about how animals collect their dinner. From bees gathering pollen to bat-eared foxes digging for bugs, the various ways animals amass their food is explored.

In ‘Drinking’ on Thursday, Michaela investigates the different ways animals drink, from elephants sucking up water through their trunks to leopards lapping from little lakes.

The last episode of the week is ‘Looking Out for Danger’ on Friday. Michaela finds out how animals pick up on peril, from meerkats standing guard to eels moving in and out of their holes in the sand.

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