Animal Families: Squirrel Monkeys

Weekdays at 6.50am

Much-loved wildlife expert Michaela Strachan presents the enchanting series that explores family life in the animal kingdom. From elephants to meerkats, the programme investigates how baby animals cope with the world around them. Michaela is joined on her travels by her four-year-old son, Oliver.

Just like the human world, the animal kingdom is full of families. In this preschool wildlife series, Michaela Strachan sets out across the planet to meet the youngest members of animal families and explore how similar they are to people.

Michaela and her young helpers investigate everything from hairy bears to sea-going penguins. Each programme is themed around a familiar aspect of daily life, such as playing with friends, going to school or having a bath.

Every episode of the series comprises three strands: a story based on the programme’s theme, a tactile wildlife tale that introduces children to animals and a soap-opera-style update on an animal family.

On Monday, Michaela, Anna and Luke look at how animals use their hands. They meet some squirrel monkeys, who use their paws for finding food, scratching, climbing and jumping.

Tuesday’s show is all about food. Seals love fish, while elephants eat the leaves from trees. Millie and George make their favourite food, pancakes, and feed tigers with Michaela.

Wednesday’s show focuses on running. Baby cheetahs play running games to practise hunting techniques. Isabel and Shaun play running games in the playground at school, and Michaela takes them to meet a real cheetah at a safari park.

On Thursday it’s playtime on ‘Animal Families’! Twins Jenna and Leanne go out to play in the snow. Then Michaela and the girls have fun finding toys for some lions.

In the last episode of the week on Friday, it’s time for a trip to the beach. Oliver and Abby love playing by the sea and making sandcastles. Then Michaela takes them to visit a colony of seals.

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