Ant and Dec to Push The Button

Ant and Dec (it’s never ‘Dec and Ant’ is it? I wonder if they ever argue about it, Lennon and McCartney style) and ITV folks are knocking their many heads together to make a new family challenge gameshow as the long-term replacement for Saturday Night Takeaway.

With a working title of Push The Button (a keeper, I think), the show is all but commissioned from the presenters’ indie production company, Gallowgate.

The duo will front the new show and start each episode by surprising two families in their homes (a bit like Noel’s House Party used to do). The format is still evolving but will see the families go head to head in a series of challenges.

Each family begins the show with a prize fund, which is reduced according to how long they spend on each challenge.

The contestants must conserve their winnings by completing the tasks as quickly as possible and in some games will “push the button” to stop the clock.

At the end of the show, the family with the highest remaining prize fund goes forward to take part in a jackpot game.

Not only that, but in true variety mode, the programme will be cut up comedy sketches and celebrity guests.

The show could make its bow as early as next year, should it get green-lit. They’ll probably have to find a sponsor too, as all prime-time shows are financially helped by someone or other.

Saturday Night Takeaway doesn’t seemed to be in the pipeline for more shows as yet, as it’s understood that the pair want to keep the show on the backburner while they try out new ideas. If they get this right, which in fairness, it sounds like they will, SNT could well lie dormant for a considerable length of time.

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