Are you ready to go 3D with Channel 4?

Tonight, Channel 4 goes 3D. Have you got your special 3D glasses yet? Y’see, if you already own a pair, they probably won’t work as the ones you’ll need tonight have a dark blue lens and an amber one. The ol’ red and cyan pairs will fail. I’ve tried ’em. They’re no good to you.

So, if you’re passing a Sainsbury’s on your lunchbreak today, pop in and get yourself a pair.

Why? Well, tonight you’ll be able to see some old footage of The Queen in 3D. The images will come from 1953 when young cameramen, Bob Angell and Arthur Wooster shot some stereoscopic movies.

For those who aren’t to thrilled at the prospect of some royal action, there’s also a Derren Brown show to sink your eyes into.

Of course, this isn’t just some daft novelty scheduling. 3DTV looks to be on the way to our homes. With Avatar hitting the silver screen this Christmas, 3D is something of a buzzword in media.

The big question is… will it take off?

Sky are promising a new 3D service and manufacturers have unveiled 3D-ready screens. This means 3DTV that doesn’t need special glasses. That sounds inordinately exciting! Some people in the industry are claiming that 3DTV will be a similar leap to black and white to colour TV.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter if the 3D shows this week mark the start of a brave new TV world or whatever… it’s a bit of fun… a flight of fancy… and we should all stop over-analysing it and have some fun joining in.

So get yourself to the shops and snag a pair of 3D specs today.

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