Deadliest Catch Series Premiere: Lobstermen

Tuesdays From 10th November, 9.00pm

Head back out to the North Atlantic with the New England fishing fleet as they struggle against the elements in search of the ultimate American delicacy: Maine lobster. The series features Captain Keith Chasse as he battles his rundown vessel, Captain Bligh, through impossible seas; veteran Captain Grant Moore, who is introducing his young son to the job; the weather-beaten Captain Norbert Stamps whose steady, world-weary ways are subsumed by rage when he is crossed; and Captain Tim Handrigan, struggling at the helm of the Courtney Elizabeth, a boat which seems cursed. Every week the Captains and their crews leave their families to face freezing rain, driving snow and perilously high seas. Their greatest scourge however, is Joel Hovanesian, a ‘dragger’, pulling his seine nets over sacred lobster grounds to catch an array of fish and some of the precious lobster traps laid by the other captains. His boat, the Excalibur, lurks darkly on the sea, fuelling tensions and animosity among the Lobstermen.

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