Do you think the latest X Factor charity single might be a bit inappropriate?

I’m not one for randomly slagging off The X Factor. It almost seems pointless. Every time you kick it, it comes back bigger and stronger. As such, I’ve chosen to give in to it and join in the mentalist fun.

As something of a music snob/idiot, I’ve bemoaned the impact it makes on the world of music in the past… however… X Factor is to music what pro wrestling is to sport.


This weekend, we saw the unveiling of the ubiquitous X Factor Charity Single. Of course, this means a whole team of singers getting together to wear white and croon an insipid ballad. You may sneer, but it’s a surefire way to tug a heart string and get a decent chart placing. I mean, doing an uptempo crunk version of Crocodile Rock wouldn’t be in great taste would it?

Then again, neither is doing a song written and performed by two men who have been dogged by sex scandals relating to children in the name of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Yep. The X Factor wannabes sang their little hearts out to a song that was written by R. Kelly and sang by Michael Jackson.

It’s hardly in good taste is it? I mean, what next? A competition to win a copy of Chumbawamba’s ‘Pictures Of Starving Children Sell Records’ signed by all the X Factor winners in aid of those dying in the Third World?

Anyway, if you want to hear it…

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