Domino Day 2009

Saturday 14th November 2.55pm

Five presents exclusive coverage of Domino Day 2009, the world’s premier domino extravaganza. This year’s event aims to break the world record as nearly five million dominoes are set to drop in a massive display depicting all seven continents. Commentary comes from Domino Day veteran Christian Stevenson and wheelchair basketball star Ade Adepitan, MBE.

The eleventh annual domino event is inspired by the theme ‘The World in Domino – The Show with the Flow’. This year’s spectacle, at the WTC Expo Center in Leeuwarden, will feature seven different domino ‘flows’, measuring 34 by 17 metres. Each flow will represent one of the world’s continents. World-famous landmarks such as the pyramids, the Kremlin and the Statue of Liberty will be depicted in domino form.

For 2009, the stakes are higher than ever. Since September, 89 builders working under the supervision of ‘Mr Domino’ himself, Robin Paul Weijers, have set in place 4.8million dominoes to topple. Their aim is to beat last year’s recordbreaking total of 4,345,027 dominoes. These world-class experts have pushed their physical skills and mental concentration to the limit during eight weeks of continuous domino building.

As in previous years, the organisers have set additional builders’ challenges to test the ingenuity of the domino craftsmen. In keeping with this year’s global theme, the challenges are called ‘the Elements of the World’ and symbolise fire, earth, air and water. They include a domino rally through water and a rally through the air, with bricks hanging on small swings.

For the final challenge, fire, the chosen builders must set up a row of steel dominoes in a trough of fire. The success or failure of the previous three challenges will determine how high the flames will go. But will the dominoes topple to plan or will the master builders fall at the last hurdle?

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