Fearne And Series Finale

Thursday, 5 November 2009, 10:00PM – 11:00PM

In the third and final episode of the series Fearne gets a rare glimpse into the life of pop star Alesha Dixon.

The 31-year-old singer shot to fame in girl band Mis-Teeq before quitting to start a solo career. Her first few singles charted badly and she was dropped by her record label at the same time as her much-publicised divorce from So Solid Crew’s Harvey.

She made her comeback as the winner of Strictly Come Dancing and then signed to a new record label which saw her debut album go platinum – Fearne gets close to Alesha to discover how her turbulent past has affected her.

Fearne follows Alesha into the recording studios as she works with Gary Barlow on some new tracks and watches her prepare for and perform at V Festival.

The pair also spend time at Alesha’s former school and with her beloved dogs. And she opens up to Fearne about her nerves at being a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, her love-life, her marriage break-down and the rift in her family.

The cameras follow Fearne as she jets out to LA to the recording studio where Alesha is working with Gary Barlow – Fearne is desperate to get access inside the studio so sends a text message plea to Gary to see if she can go in.

After being given the greenlight by the Take That frontman, Fearne is delighted to see Alesha recording a new song – something which she has never allowed before. She speaks to Fearne about her new album and explains that one of the tracks is very personal to her – revealing how she feels about love.

She says: “For the last couple of years I’ve not even thought about being in a relationship or any of that kind of stuff because I can’t be bothered with it and I want to be selfish for a little while and do my thing and not worry about that. What this song illustrates is the vulnerability that is in me that part of me that is quite a strong character but I suppose wants to be in love wants to have a relationship but is cautious with that and I suppose the song demonstrates it in quite an honest way.”

As the pair head to the airport to travel back to the UK, Fearne asks Alesha about her new job as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing. She admits to having reservations about accepting the job and was a bundle of nerves before embarking on what was to become a much criticised foray into the world of ballroom dancing.

Back in London Fearne meets Alesha for lunch and they discuss the showbiz lifestyle, Alesha admits that her career is a key part of her identity and that she sank into a ‘mini-depression’ when she was dropped by her record label.

Later, as the pair go shopping, Alesha talks about her failed marriage to Harvey, who she discovered was having an affair. She tells Fearne that, until that point, she had never had a journalist on her doorstep and she found the media intrusion very difficult to deal with.

As they visit Alesha’s former school in Welwyn Garden City, she reveals her early ambitions to be a teacher. She says the turning point for her was when she attended a street dancing class where she was approached by a record producer. She then had another encounter on the tube, with a woman forming a girl band, and decided she had to try her hand at performing. Her headteacher discusses some of her early performances and the pressure she used to put herself under.

Alesha opens up to Fearne about her childhood and says she felt very protected by her older brother at school. However, she reveals she is no longer speaking to him after he sold a story about her to a Sunday newspaper.

And Fearne helps Alesha at rehearsals for her performance at V Festival and gets a sneak preview of her dress. She is surprised at the amount of involvement Alesha has in the performance, planning everything from the dancers, to the way the stage looks.

When the day of the festival arrives, Fearne is waiting in the wings as a very nervous Alesha steps into the spotlight.

Fearne says: “”Hanging out with Alesha has been great, the chaotic life of a popstar. I’ve seen so many different sides to Alesha. I’ve seen someone who’s incredibly driven, very strong minded and thick skinned, all the while remaining the cool, bubbly lovely Alesha that we all know.

“I think her personality and confidence has really helped drive her through the Strictly Come Dancing controversy which is still obviously bubbling away. And I think any other situation she gets into in the public eye, she’ll cope with just fine because she seems to always be able to put a smile on her face with it. I really appreciate how open she’s been. She’s worn her heart on her sleeve the whole time and I feel like I’ve got to know the real Alesha Dixon.”

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