How was Channel 4's opening 3D night for you?

Channel 4 kicked off their 3D Week last night with a couple of shows… one called The Queen in 3D, the other called Derren Brown Presents: The 3D Magic Spectacular.

The last time I recall being this exciteable about 3DTV was sometime in the ’80s when, if I remember rightly (which it’s fair to assume I don’t), Tomorrow’s World had a feature, which saw me giddily throwing on my 3D spectacles and thrilling at the way some rubber bat flew ‘out’ of the screen.

So last night, I sat down, ready to be amazed… with a pinch of trepidation in case it all went tits up.

Naturally, the whole thing didn’t work perfectly. It took a while messing around with the settings on my TV and switching the lights off in my room, cupping round my eyes with my hands and trying to make my right eye go out of focus before I started getting somewhere. Of course, if I’d just left everything alone and waited for my brain and pupils to settle in, it probably would’ve righted itself much quicker.

However, that’s not really the point. The whole thing was a fun way to pass some TV time. Aside from the fact that everyone looks cool in a pair of 3D glasses, I loved the idea of tinkering with my surroundings and squinting at the idiot lantern at the same time as millions of other houses in Britain.

Of course, it was kinda silly, but in a good way.

The Queen show (which, bizarrely, featured Brian May from Queen) wasn’t really about Her Madge, but rather, the technology. The old footage didn’t work sometimes, whilst at others, I drew up genuine coos at the depth of image.

Same went for the Derren Brown stuff. Some segments refused to work in my head, whilst others made me giggle with glee. The Magic Spectacular also showed clips of Seigfried and Roy… sadly, we didn’t get to see the mauling one of them got from an albino tiger in full three dimensions. This was made-up for by the appearance of Sooty and Sweep and Barry and Stuart’s glorious self mutilation symphony.

If the first night is anything to go by, you really should get some glasses and join in. It’s silly fun… and Christ knows we need some of that now and then.

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  • Missed it all last night, but I shall join in the silly fun from now on 🙂

  • Lola Darling

    You should wear them glasses all the time.

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