Katie Price leaves I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Katie Price – or Jordan if you prefer – has left I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

The official ITV microsite has confirmed it and tabloids are reporting it too. According to The Sun, Price told bosses of the Insect Paradegramme that she couldn’t hack the constant requests of the public, notably, for her to do continual grim and humiliating things.

Price reportedly said: “I can’t do another trial. I’m walking. There’s only so much crap one person can take.

“The way I’ve been treated on the show by the viewers, you’d think I was the most hated woman in Britain.”

“It is getting beyond a joke. Everyone seems to hate me so much more than I thought.

“I said at the start that I came on the show for a bit of peace and quiet, to try and get my head together after the divorce. But now I’m feeling uncomfortable.”

It certainly seems that the public have turned on the glamour model (sorry, business woman) after she made Peter Andre cry. To me, it seems like some sort of natural order has been rebalanced. I mean, everyone hated her for years, right?

Of course, there will be those disappointed with the decision… which I touched on a few days ago… but mostly, viewers will be laughing like flushing bogs as they’ve flexed their voting power by exacting a revenge on Jordan for the ills she’s caused everyone. Of course, by that I mean The Level Of Annoyance Generated By The Fallout Of Her Divorce And Her Weird Duck Lips.

It’d be interesting to see how many votes came from the phone of Jodie Marsh. She could’ve easily bankrupted herself in her attempts to see Price getting put through yet another garish mindwrong of a TV producer.

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