Life available on DVD: Blow your mind in your living room on demand!

Life. It’s terminally dull and irritating isn’t it? Life is queuing, things being late, rude checkout girls, people leaping on you in clothes shops seeing if you need any help, holes in your shoes, inside out umbrellas and charred toast.

Thankfully, the BBC’s nature people aren’t looking at those things in their series Life, narrated by Master of the Universe, Sir David Attenborough.

It’s Life….but not as we know it. (Har har)

Life The TV Show is about extreme and extraordinary behaviour. The kind that makes your eyes pop out of your head on stalks, tie themselves in a knot and stare back at your dizzy skull.

Basically, whilst us lame humans moan about the weather and have unsatisfying sex, our animal and plant cousins do the most incredible things to stay alive. It’s survival of the fittest in their battle against daily life-or-death challenges… and in some cases, survival of the weirdest.

You saw that Sarcastic Fringe Head fish who can open its face like an umbrella, right?

Produced by the BBC Natural History Unit, Life is full of surprises, drama and spectacle. Away from the weird creatures there are spectacles so epic (including millions of fruit bats darkening the Zambian sky, dozens of polar bears feasting on a whale and a billion butterflies cloaking a forest in Mexico) that’ll you think that you’ve started having some amazing stroke.

Of course, this being Attenborough related, there’s a staggering amount of TV firsts and examples of new behaviour. Komodo dragons preying on buffalo? Nothing has ever been aired on television that has been nearly as chilling. Apart from Fearne Cotton of course.

More than four years in the making, filmed over 3000 days, across every continent and in every habitat, this is Life – as you’ve never seen it. This amazing 4 disc box set narrated by Sir Dave and is available from the 30th November priced at around £40.

Buy it someone for Christmas. Make sure they’ve got brains first. Stupid people will probably want a Two Pints of Lager… DVD set.

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