Neighbours: Monday 23rd – Friday 27th November

Weekdays at 1:45 and 5.30pm

Will Elle and Lucas get back together? Zeke has a rival for Sunny. Lyn is forced to accept a risky proposition. Donna sneaks into a fashion show. Dan lets Libby down.

Steph is unsure how to react this week when Lucas asks her out for a drink. Afraid that he hopes to rekindle a spark between them, Steph firmly puts Lucas in his place and explains that she does not want to be his rebound girl. However, Lucas insists he just wants to rebuild their friendship. Elle, meanwhile, feels an urge to reconnect with Lucas, so employs herself as an apprentice mechanic at the garage –much to the surprise of Lucas and Steph. Suspicious of her motives, Lucas wonders whether she is playing another cruel stunt. Elle is forced to come clean and admit that she does not want to go to New York and that she misses him. The pair’s passion is abruptly reignited – but just how long can it last?

Elsewhere, Harry finds Robin’s constant attention annoying – until he hits on a way of using him to do work for him. His ploy eventually comes undone, however, and he turns to Susan for help in shaking Robin off. Before long it is Zeke’s turn to take exception to the newcomer, believing that he is making a move on Sunny. Robin plays the innocent but Zeke is convinced he has an agenda. Unfortunately, Zeke’s anger boils over in the coffee shop, leading to an altercation with Robin. Later, he apologises to Robin and adopts a new strategy – to befriend the lad. But is Robin truly determined to drive Zeke and Sunny apart?

Lyn, meanwhile, worries she has taken on too much debt in buying Harold’s Store. A fierce rivalry breaks out between the coffee shop and Charlie’s Bar as Lyn and Rebecca desperately compete for customers. Infuriated by the feud, Steph orders her mum to call a truce. Lyn offers an olive branch to Rebecca and discovers that Paul is keen to offer something in return. He promises to write off her debts on the condition that she ghostwrite a gossip column for the Erinsborough News. Lyn accepts his deal, and her journalistic scribblings soon enthral the neighbourhood – but not everyone is pleased…

Also this week, Donna and Ringo sneak into a fashion show, where Ringo finds himself dragged up on stage as a model and Donna impresses a famous designer with her audacity. Libby is hurt when Dan misses Susan’s first ultrasound to spend more time with Sam in New Zealand. Toadie and Sonya go out on their first date. And Callum is heartbroken when he learns that wrestling, his favourite sport, is fake. Can Toadie make it up to him?

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Zeke clashes with Robin. Lyn’s job threatens her friendship with Susan. How far will Donna go for her career? Is Libby and Dan’s marriage in trouble? Kate pursues her dream of becoming a dancer.

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