Neighbours: Monday 2nd – Friday 6th November

Weekdays at 1:45 and 5.30pm

Is Donna’s new relative telling the truth? Can Rebecca convince Lyn to leave town? Karl and Susan discuss Zeke and Sunny’s relationship. Lucas keeps a secret about Sonya.

Donna and Ringo’s relationship is tested this week as they argue over a person claiming to be her halfbrother. Ringo is convinced that James is lying, but Donna immediately forms a connection with him. Despite intending to protect Donna, Ringo finds his criticisms of James are beginning to drive her away. Eventually the newcomer consents to a DNA test, but the results are inconclusive. James explains that he could take a more complicated – and more expensive – test that would confirm his identity, but he would need Donna to stump up half the money. Desperate to know the truth, Donna tries everything in her power to raise the cash she needs. But when Elle refuses to give her a loan, she resorts to some drastic measures…

Elsewhere, Paul and Rebecca return from their trip to discover that Lyn is still in Erinsborough. When Lyn reveals that she did not sign the divorce papers because Paul was rude to her, he and Rebecca make a special effort to be nice. Lyn finally signs the papers, but lets slip that she is job-hunting in the area. Desperate to get rid of her, Rebecca stoops to some Paul-like tactics and sells the story of Lyn’s previous blackmail efforts to the Erinsborough News. Rebecca immediately feels guilty and tries to bury the hatchet – only to discover that Steph has bought the Parker house for her mum. Will Rebecca continue her efforts to hound Lyn out of Ramsay Street?

Over at the Kennedy household, Karl and Susan struggle to address the issue of Zeke and Sunny’s relationship now they are once again living under the same roof. After an embarrassing conversation with Susan, Sunny assumes that Zeke has told them their relationship has gone to the next level. The pair clear the air and decide they are happy with things as they stand. But further problems loom when Karl resolves to tell Sunny’s parents that she is now living with her boyfriend. How will they take the news?

Also this week, Toadie and Elle suspect that Lucas is having an affair with Sonya, the guide-pup trainer. Lucas is clearly lying about their relationship – but what is he trying to hide? Declan neglects his studies. Harry urges Kate to pursue her old dream of being a dancer. Ben and Callum plan something special for Father’s Day. And Steph is hurt when her mum disappears without warning. Have the Robinsons succeeded in driving Lyn from town?

Coming Soon

Elle discovers Donna has betrayed her. Where is Lyn? Lily Allen guest stars! Lucas and Sonya’s secret is revealed. Will Donna learn the truth about James?

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