Stacey's preggers too!

We told you earlier today that Ronnie Mitchell is about to find out she’s pregnant – and Owen’s the dad – but now, news has arrived of yet another Walford pregnancy; it’s Stacey!

And given how the show’s filming calendar works, they’re currently filming about six weeks in advance and Sky managed to get a sneaky pic of Lacey Turner on set looking about 5 months gone!

So who’s the daddy?? Ryan? Max? Bradley? Or maybe someone she slept with when she went awol? As soon as we know, we’ll let you know!

And if it’s Bradley’s, is that why he leaves Walford? We know that he’s offski around New Year or in February, but it wouldn’t really seem like him to do a runner over that does it?

There’s sure to be all sorts of issues around the pregnancy; for instance, what about her meds? Will they harm the baby? And what’s the chances that the baby will be bi-polar in later life?

It’s going to be a great storyline that’s for sure! Let’s just hope Darren’s kept it in his pants this time and isn’t single-handedly trying to repopulate London!

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