The WotWots: Trail Tail

Weekdays at 8.40am

The delightful preschool series about the adventures of two soft puppet aliens continues. From the creative minds of the Academy Award winning Weta Workshop (‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘Jane and the Dragon’), the WotWots mixes CGI animation and live action to create a colourful world that celebrates the joy of discovery. The series is narrated by dulcet-toned TV and radio veteran Nicholas Parsons.

Big-hearted brother and sister aliens the WotWots have come to explore planet Earth in their steampowered spaceship. They land in a local zoo, scoot around on steam-powered hover-chairs and delight in discovering all the exotic animals they can spot.

Communicating in their own vibrant language, the WotWots wonder who they are and what they will look like when they are fully grown. Will they look like any of the zoo animals they find on their mission? As well as narrating, Nicholas Parsons interprets the WotWots on behalf of the viewer, asking them questions and explaining their replies.

In Monday’s instalment, ‘Trail Tail’, the WotWots find a mysterious trail of slime. SpottyWot thinks it is goo from the lick of an animal with a giant tongue, so they try to trace the creature by following the slippery trail.

In ‘Ready to Rumble’ on Tuesday, the WotWots discover dingoes in the zoo. When SpottyWot learns that dingoes make cosy dens to sleep in, he decides to build a nest of his own.

SpottyWot designs a remote-control system for his chair on Wednesday. It turns out to be exactly what they need to rescue SpottyWot’s spanner from inside an animal enclosure!

Thursday’s instalment is ‘Tufty Tops’. The WotWots are very proud of their fluffy antennae on top of their heads. They go in search of the best and brightest horns, crests and hair the zoo animals have to offer.

And in ‘Speedy Spots’ on Friday, SpottyWot adjusts his chair motor so that he can travel faster. But after seeing the fastest animal in the zoo, he decides that the key to speed lies in the colour of his spots…

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