Total Wipeout Celebrity Special: Episode 1 Celebrities

Joe Swash: TV presenter and actor
Charity: The Ben Kinsella Foundation

Joe is best known for playing Mickey Miller in EastEnders and is currently a team captain on BBC One’s Hole In The Wall. He was crowned King of the Jungle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here in 2008 and will co-present this year’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here with Caroline Flack. On his return to the UK, Joe will be playing the Prince in Snow White And The Seven Dwarves in panto in Bristol.

He recently lived with Pamela Anderson for Living TV show Living With Pamela Anderson and has just finished filming a new documentary for BBC Three. He also presents travel and competition strands for ITV’s This Morning and has co-hosted The Soap Awards on ITV2.

Joe describes himself as “not the fittest at all”, he does bits of running here and there but doesn’t think of himself as a fitness fanatic. On the Dizzy Dummies, Joe thinks that he will be too busy trying not to throw up to worry about the other competitors. “I’ll just let them get on with it as I get car sick and, when all is quiet, I’ll make the move.”

“The Whitbread” is the competitor that Joe fears the most as he remembers her from his childhood for being “muscley” and quite intimidating whilst taking part in her sport.

Adele Silva: actress
Charity: Alzheimer’s Society

Actress Adele Silva is best known for playing the role of Kelly Windsor in Emmerdale.

She left the soap in late 2007 to pursue other roles and has since appeared in Mile High, The Courtroom and the independent film Jam.

Adele has also made appearances on TV shows such as Celebrity Fear Factor, Celebrity Weakest Link and Hell’s Kitchen where she came second. She says this was her proudest achievement considering she couldn’t cook before she went on the show.

Adele’s film credits include Just For The Record, opposite Billy Murray and Rik Mayall, and Doghouse with Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham and Noel Clarke.

The actress says she is quietly competitive and really focused. She goes to the gym three or four times a week to keep in shape. The most daring thing Adele has ever done was wing-walking for charity which she absolutely loved. She also did a bungee jump from a crane.

Adele is really scared about competing in Total Wipeout but is looking forward to attempting the course alongside the legendary Sally Gunnell.

She is least looking forward to the Sweeper as she doesn’t think she’ll be able to jump high enough to get over.

James Jordan: Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer
Charity: Demelza House in East Sussex (a children’s charity)

James Jordan is an English ballroom dancer. His dance partner is wife Ola Jordan, with whom he turned professional in 2003.

Both James and Ola take part in BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing. His current dance partner is actress Zoe Lucker. In previous series, he has partnered Cherie Lunghi, actress Georgina Bouzova and TV presenter Gabby Logan. In 2007, Ola partnered Gabby’s husband, Scottish rugby union footballer Kenny Logan – this was the first time two married couples had competed against each other.

James loves sport, anything from motor-biking to bungee jumping to wakeboarding. He says most dancers don’t tend to do things like Total Wipeout for fear of breaking their legs, but James believes in the philosophy that you only live once.

As a couple, James and Ola are very competitive with one another, but James always has to be the overall winner. James says that he would “prefer to die than lose”. He is so sure that he will be in the top three that he would bet his house and even Ola on it!

James would happily put off his competition with some sneaky tactics in order to win, from laxatives to castor oil in slippers to trying to entice them to enjoy a drink with him at the bar the night before.

James thinks he is reasonably fit from dancing and stands a good chance against other competitors but thinks that, when facing athletes, he might rank lower than them.

Ola Jordan: Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer
Charity: Demelza House in East Sussex

Born in Poland, Ola Jordan is best known for her work as a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing. She married her dance partner James Jordan in 2003, who also appears on the show.

She first appeared on Strictly Come Dancing during the show’s fourth series and is currently partnering BBC Breakfast’s Chris Hollins. She has previously partnered DJ Spoony, rugby player Kenny Logan and GMTV presenter Andrew Castle.

James and Ola turned professional in 2003 after a brilliant amateur partnership. The pair have also enjoyed a rewarding career in teaching Latin American Dancing.

Ola is really excited about taking part in Total Wipeout. Her main motivation is to beat her husband. Her tactic is to look attractive and sexy whilst she’s doing the course.

In preparation Ola says that she will be watching plenty of Rocky movies and getting her husband James to hold pillows for her whilst she punches them.

Kevin Adams: TV presenter/fitness expert

Charity: Macmillan Cancer Relief

Kevin Adams is a fitness expert and choreographer most renowned for his work on Fame Academy.

Kevin is currently a personal trainer to a number of high-profile celebrities and is a guest presenter for London Tonight and This Morning.

Kevin’s main reason for taking part in the show is for his children. They are huge fans of Total Wipeout and often re-enact it in their living room.

He plans to take the majority of the course very seriously, but has a different approach to the Big Red Balls. He plans to make the “best worst fall” in the history of Total Wipeout, and says “the bigger the stack, the better!”

Kevin believes that his main strength is his ability to keep going and to stay focused.

Fatima Whitbread: former international athlete
Charity: 21st Century Children

Fatima Whitbread MBE is a former javelin thrower and a multiple medal-winner.

Fatima won a silver medal at the inaugural World Championships in 1983. In the 1986 European Athletic Championships in Stuttgart she broke the World Record with a javelin throw of 77.4 metres. She went on to win the competition and followed this by becoming world champion in 1987.

In 1987 Fatima won BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

Fatima is still very passionate about sport and, as well as looking after her 11-year-old son, also champions a number of sports charities.

As a former Olympic Champion, Fatima still trains regularly and is the fittest she thinks she’s ever been, describing her fitness as six on a scale of one to five.

Luke Bailey: actor
Charity: Debra (a charity for people with a genetic skin condition that causes blistering)

Twenty-five-year-old Luke Bailey is a British actor known best for his roles as Sam Bateman in Casualty and Marley Kelly in Waterloo Road.

He also appeared in the BBC series Just The Two Of Us, alongside Natasha Hamilton, and Sky One’s Cirque De Celebrite.

Luke enjoys playing football but isn’t a fan of other types of exercise. His rigorous training programme is in the form of “pint curls”. The exercise is a form of bicep training, mainly executed in public houses, where he puts his hand to a pint glass and drinks it – pint to mouth – mouth to pint! Luke’s preparation for the course is to have an “all over wax” for aero-dynamity.

He cites his strengths as his fashion sense, stamina and high pain threshold. His weaknesses are that he’s not very good at embarking on things before thinking, which might be a hindrance when taking part in the Big Red Balls.

Luke is quite competitive and says that: “It would be bad if I didn’t at least win.”

Luke thinks a bit of “all-out wrestling” might occur during Dizzy Dummies and would consider pushing someone else in the water if he had to.

Kaye Adams: journalist and TV presenter
Charity: Children First

Journalist and TV presenter Kaye Adams is best known for her role hosting ITV1’s Loose Women. Born and bred in Scotland, Kaye’s initial career focused on political and news journalism. She started as a graduate trainee for Central Television and her first coup was a one-hour interview with Margaret Thatcher.

An offer to host a discussion show for Scottish Television moved Kaye’s career to a different path. She presented Scottish Women for six years and the show won several awards.

Kaye writes a regular column for The Daily Record in Scotland and also guest hosts for Matthew Wright’s show The Wright Stuff.

Kaye lives with her long term partner and their two daughters.

Kaye admits she hasn’t had time to put in any extra training ahead of tackling the Total Wipeout course. One of her daughters is advising her on strategies and takes training her mother very seriously.

Carrie Grant: vocal coach and presenter
Charity: Crohns

Carrie is a celebrity vocal coach and session singer. She is best known for her work on the TV talent contests Fame Academy, Comic Relief Does Fame Academy and Pop Idol, together with her husband and colleague David Grant. She is also personal voice coach to many successful pop stars including Take That, Will Young and Lemar.

With her husband David, Carrie has recently created Carrie And David’s Popshop, a children’s TV series broadcast on CBeebies.

At 43 years old, she describes herself as fairly fit. Carrie does half an hour of exercise every day which consists of running, personal training sessions and power plate in the gym.

Her proudest non-sporting achievement was winning the BBC series Safari School where she had a stand-off with an elephant.

She says the Big Red Balls are amazing and can’t wait to try her luck with them. She is absolutely dreading the Dizzy Dummies.

Tim Vine: comedian
Charity: Cure Parkinsons Trust

Tim Vine is a stand-up comedian and actor. Most recently, he has appeared in the sitcom Not Going Out alongside Lee Mack. He continues to sell out theatres up and down the country with his stand-up tours.

Whilst playing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, he filmed a cameo on Australian soap Neighbours.

In January this year, he won Celebrity Mastermind with his specialist subject of Elvis Presley and was a contestant on Comic Relief Does Fame Academy in 2007. He also appeared on Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with his older brother Jeremy Vine, author, journalist and BBC Radio 2 presenter.

In 2004, Tim broke the Guinness World Record for the most jokes told in an hour.

Tim jokes that one of his strengths is that he is a good listener and he plans to keep his ears peeled while he’s doing the course.

His motto is “Hello fear, do you like parties?” and he doesn’t go to the gym although he says he occasionally walks to the shops which takes about 10 minutes. He is aware that he maybe needs to get a bit fitter before taking part in Total Wipeout so he plans to jump up and down as high as he can on his bed, which he hopes will prepare him for The Sweeper.

Tim really wants to win but he doesn’t think he’s in with a chance, especially against someone young and/or sporty. Taking part in Total Wipeout is one of the scariest things he’s ever done apart from sometimes holding his car keys above a drain.

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