Bauer Hits the Big Apple And CTU makes a comeback in the new season of 24 on Sky1

When we last saw Jack Bauer, his life was hanging in the balance. It’s always hanging in the balance. When evil-doers aren’t trying to kill him up, he’s turning into a smack head. Of course, the best thing about our Jack is that he’s as hard-as-nails and always bounces back like a mental rubber ball.

Now he’s back for another heart stopping, action-packed series of the award-winning US drama series 24. This time he’s in New York.

At the start of 24’s new, eighth season, Bauer is hoping for a quiet life with his daughter Kim (feel free to phwoar at the mere mention of her) and his granddaughter. However, a group of terrorists have other plans and an assassination plot against a visiting Middle Eastern leader Omar Hassan is uncovered.

It’s not long before Bauer is called upon to help prevent Hassan’s murder.

Kiefer Sutherland said: “Season 7 and 8…are really connected together. The storylines from Season 7 really do play all the way through into Season 8. The setup for [this season] is the most realistic political thing that I think we’ve ever done since we started the show. This season is more grounded in what possibly could happen. There’s a sense of reality that almost brings it back to Season 1.”

24: Day 8 launches with a double bill on January 24 at 9pm on Sky1 HD and Sky1 and viewers can bring themselves up to date with a 24 Day 7 catch up, from Tuesday 29 December at 8am through to Wednesday 30 December at 8am.

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