Celebrity Quitters: Filming people not smoking

God bless Five. They’ll film any old rubbish. Not content with giving us Keith Chegwin’s Naked Jungle and Touch the Truck, but they’re now giving us something so mind-insulting banal that you get the impression that future shows could include ‘Arse Scratching In The Morning’ and ‘Filming Hangovers’.

Elsewhere, I’ve spoken about Heads or Tails, a show that features Justin Lee Collins tossing a coin for thirty minutes… and now, we’re getting Celebrity Quitters.

This new series follows celebrities as they attempt to give up smoking.

So who signed up? Well, we’ve got Chloe Madeley, Derek Acorah, Linda Robson, John Burton Race and… here’s the best news for people who enjoy watching slightly famous people having a meltdown on our screens… Paul Danan will be taking part.

What a ragtag bunch that is!

TV charlatan Acorah is apparently the heaviest smoker amongst the group. He gets through 40 to 50 cigarettes a day. To be perfectly honest, that’s the first time in my life he’s ever got close to impressing me. That’s a spectacular amount of smokes. I bet he goes through six lighters a week.

Linda Robson (her from Birds of a Feather) said of the series: “Like most smokers, I’ve tried to give up many times with varying degrees of success. But this time I’m hoping I’ll be able to kick the habit for good.”

The 10-part series begins Monday, January 18 on Five.

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  • williamm kerr

    We should have more program like this that encourages to give up smoking. I can imagine how we live a healthier life without any 2nd hand smoke.

  • fdgdg

    fdsfgdg rgddsfg

  • Runaway12

    I really can’t see what is so wrong about a programme about giving up smoking. How about watching a programme before putting it down?

  • mofgimmers

    And where’s the fun in that?

  • Kev Fitz

    Paul is such a wuss. Hey soft lad get a proper job and grow up!

  • Tracy Cameron

    Oh my goodness how harsh obviously not a person trying to quit smoking. I decided it was time for me to give up and have used the programme in my times of need. I have watched every episode a few times and it has kept me going knowing everything i am going through is normal and will pass. Since I stopped my sister and her partner have also given up and have watched the show. Well done celebrity quitters in helping us do this I hope there is more. Got my patch on, had my inhalator now I’m off for a jog…..

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