Joy Of Sextuplets: Harris Family Premiere

Weekdays From Wednesday 16th December, 12.00pm & 12.30pm

Five years ago, Diamond and Chris Harris got more than they bargained for when they decided to have one more baby as a companion for six-year-old son, Dwayne. Imagine their surprise when they found out one baby was in fact sextuplets! Now with six five-year-olds and a twelve-year-old son, meet the only surviving set of African- American sextuplets and their family as the Harris’s invite us into their home. Get up close and personal with Mum and Dad as they share the ups and downs of raising sextuplets plus one, and take us into a world where even the most ordinary day can seem extraordinary.

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  • tracy

    Jon and Kate Plus Eight is much better, this show is just silly. Seriously hate this show and these people, who are just trying to get attention and show off. No manners, kids are running on their underwear and making stupid comments, really uneducated. If I would have kids like that, I would never show them in TV.

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