Little Lodgers Series Finale

Weekdays at 9.00am

The Little Lodgers conclude their miniature escapades on Five this week. These enchanting clay figures of Milkshake! presenters Jen, Kemi, Beth, Amy, Naomi and Derek have just as much fun as their full-size counterparts. They even have a clay version of Milky to keep them on their toes!

The Little Lodgers have a fantastic time living together in the colourful Milkshake! house. There is plenty to keep them entertained, as each day the plasticine pals stumble from one disaster to the next. But there is always a new adventure in store for these captivating characters.

In ‘The Photographer’ on Monday, the plasticine pals are having their photo taken for the Milkshake! website, but Jen can’t seem to get herself in shot!

The last episode of the series is ‘The Talent Show’ on Tuesday. The miniature mates are holding a talent show and everyone is keen to practise their act. However, the friends practise so much that they run out of time for the show!

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