November 16 2009

  • Gaz shows great loyalty as Hollyoaks High merges with another school
  • Loretta attempts to get Nancy to see why she wrote to Jake in hospital
  • Lydia and Amy fail to get off to a good start living together

Lauren, Gaz, Theresa, and Newt

Hollyoaks High has merged with another local school in the area, and the gang of friends really aren’t pleased to see all the new people join them.

Gaz shows great loyalty towards Lauren, Newt, and Theresa as he confronts a new troublesome teen called Sinclair, and Newt is shocked as he spots that Rae is now attending the same school as them.

Later that day after Rae and Sinclair cause Newt some trouble, Lauren gets Gaz to once more confront Sinclair, and once school is over Gaz and Sinclair decide to fight it out in the playground.

Heading back into Hollyoaks, Newt once more comes into contact with Rae, and a now alone Rae seems frightened of Newt as she tells him to stay away from her before making her way away from him.

Nancy, Loretta, and Jake

Hoping to get Nancy to understand why she kept in contact with Jake in hospital, Loretta hands over to Nancy the letters that she and Jake exchanged before Jake was released.

Nancy at first doesn’t seem interested, curiosity ultimately gets the better of Nancy however as she sits down and begins to take a read through the letters.

Jake is not at all happy when he learns what Loretta has done, having been able to read through the letters though Nancy makes Loretta an offer as she tells her that they can once again become friends only if she says goodbye to her relationship with Jake.

Unwilling to call time on her relationship, Loretta chooses Jake over Nancy.

Mike, Amy, and Lydia

Amy is back in Hollyoaks, but still finding it incredibly tough to be around Leah and Lucas; Mike tries to encourage Amy to spend time with them, it’s clearly tough for her though and still a struggle to be around them.

Lydia and Amy don’t get off to a good start living together as Amy wants to have her old room back which Lydia is currently living in, Mike insists that Lydia stays where she is though, much to the disappointment of Amy.

Amy and Lydia ultimately begin to come together a little as they discuss their mutual disdain for Zoe.

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I'm a huge fan of Hollyoaks so you'll here find daily updates about the latest goings on within the village.
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