November 17 2009

  • Theresa helps Darren get some shopping for Hannah
  • Ste is unimpressed by Amy’s lack of effort with the children
  • Lauren makes it clear how she now feels about Newt

Theresa, Darren, Frankie, and Steph

As Darren goes into Drive N Buy for the weekly shop, it quickly becomes apparent that he really doesn’t know how to shop when there’s a woman in the house.

As he piles up the cheap meals and throws in a two in one shampoo/conditioner; Frankie and Steph ridicule Darren’s shopping selections, and he’s made to feel stupid as he realises that Hannah won’t be too impressed with what he brings back from the shop.

Realising that he should probably make more of an effort to please Hannah, Darren gets Theresa to help him shop as he heads back in to Drive N Buy to buy some more women friendly shopping items.

Heading past MOBs a little later, Darren shows Steph and Frankie that he’s been back to the shop, this time taking on their advice and getting a few items that Hannah will be pleased to see.

Steph and Frankie are taken aback to see Darren trying so hard to impress Hannah, and pleased to see that he’s taking their words on board and now making an increased effort.

Amy and Ste

Ste isn’t happy to see Amy when she comes to see him at Relish, and Natty suggests to Ste that he should perhaps be a little more friendly towards her.

Later on, still hoping to get Ste’s attention, Amy once again visits Relish, this time bringing Leah with her.

Ste is pleased that Amy seems to be making more of an effort to bond with the children, when he heads back to the Barnes house with her however he soon sees that nothing has changed as Amy makes a fuss about changing Lucas.

Absolutely fuming that Amy doesn’t seem to be making any effort to improve her relationship with the children, Ste has a go at Amy before quickly making his way away from the Barnes house.

Newt and Lauren

With Newt seeming to care more about Rae than he does about Lauren, Lauren is becoming increasingly more irritated with the way that Newt is behaving.

As Newt puts Lauren down as he looks to side with Rae, Lauren has just about had enough of Newt, and when he later describes the Rae that he knew back at the warehouse; Lauren decides that enough is enough as he describes her exactly without even realising it.

Catching up with Lauren, Newt tries to apologise for not realising how closely he was describing her; Lauren isn’t really willing to listen to Newt though, and is adamant that whilst they may well remain friends, they’ll never again be together in a relationship.

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