November 18 2009

  • Tom gets drunk as Darren looks after him at The Dog
  • Kris, Zak, and Elliot find out that the call centre is relocating to Belfast
  • Jacqui gets in a fight with Gaz on her first day as dinner lady

Darren, Tom, and Hannah

With Tom claiming to not feel very well, Steph is forced to let him stay off school for the day and gives Darren the job of looking after him.

Tom is clearly enjoying his time with Darren, and with Tom having admitted to Darren that he isn’t really ill; Darren decides that they should go out to The Dog for lunch, giving him a chance to see how Hannah is doing as they do so.

Hannah has been drinking so Darren spends a little bit of time speaking to her, whilst doing so he fails to realise though that Tom is going from table to table, drinking as he does so the leftovers of people’s drinks from the tables.

When Steph arrives to collect Tom, Tom is sick on the floor right in front of her and is taken to hospital to find out what’s the matter with him.

Learning that Tom is suffering as a result of drinking alcohol, Steph is quick to fire blame at Darren as Darren attempts to apologise to no avail.

Kris, Zak, Elliot, and Sheila

As Sheila becomes stricter than ever, Kris, Zak, and Elliot soon find out why as Sheila announces to the entire call centre that if they don’t start quickly hitting their targets then they’re all going to lose their jobs as the call centre is going to be relocated to Belfast.

In a bid to increase sales, Sheila tells the call centre agents to tell everyone that if they purchase a product then they’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a car; the agents quickly see through this fake competition, and people begin to start fighting back against Sheila, unwilling to con people with the promise of an imaginary car that they ‘could’ win.

As the call centre agents start walking out, Elliot is caught in two minds as he wonders whether or not to join Kris and Zak in leaving, although he initially stays with Sheila though, he does eventually join his friends as he brings an end to his relationship with Sheila and walks out of the call centre also.

Sheila is left alone in the call centre as she begins to pick up the phone and attempt to hit the required targets all by herself.

Jacqui, Des, and Gaz

Starting her new job as dinner lady, Jacqui is unimpressed when she spots Gaz in the queue and begins to fire a few harsh words at him.

The argument between Gaz and Jacqui becomes quite heated, and when Des arrives to sort out the commotion he is shocked to find that it’s Jacqui that’s behind this.

Des is able to calm Jacqui down as he talks to her about her behaviour towards Gaz, and is able to settle the situation by speaking to Gaz about it also.

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