Review: Life: Creatures from the Deep (BBC One)

I don’t mind telling you, dear reader, that I’ve enjoyed some mind-melting drugs in my time. I’ve seen things so peculiar that I’ve thought I was going stir-crazy. However, nothing I’ve ever seen under the influence of acid tabs can match the mental sea-wrongs of last night’s Life (BBC One).

Looking at psychedelic creatures from the abyss, the show highlighted the insane, spineless aliens that basically ghost around in the pitch black killing stuff in ways that made my brain crawl.

Attenborough hammed up the amdram in his voice to showcase the weirdest place on Earth. Now, the deep sea has always been a weird place. The water seemingly vanishes, leaving great orb-like jellyfish to hang like planets, piercing stuff with razor sharp tentacles.

Then, we saw the Humboldt Squid… a giant pink thing that flashes red when pissed-off, with it’s barbed face, machete sharp beak and, most worryingly, it’s huge brain and thirst for blood. In my nightmares, these horrible things will take over the world and polish off mankind by floating through ink black skies and popping open our soft heads with a dazzling array of grim armoury.

Of course, away from the flashing and repulsive, there’s really pretty things down there. As the image above shows, parts of the deep sea look like really pleasant screensavers. That is until you see the assembled starfish, worms and urchins swarming over a dead seal and licking the bones clean and infesting eye-sockets in what looked like the most disgusting stop-frame animation in TV history.

See, that’s the problem with nature. Even at its most achingly lovely, you are aware of the fact that it’s always about to kill something or defecate. Still, death never looked as pretty as it does on Life.

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