Spoilers - Christmas Soap Storylines!

Spoilers – Christmas Soap Storylines!

We’ve got a few sneaky peeks at the upcoming storylines in our top three soaps over Christmas – thanks to Sky – and it’s going to be the usual mix of good news, bad news and people going completely off their heads…

Just your average family Christmas then!

First up, in Emmerdale, Sally’s still desperate to get her claws into Ashley – who knew he was such a love god?! – and Laurel’s so angry with her Ashley for not defending her, or banishing Sally, that she refuses to spend Christmas with the bereft vicar.

That leaves the path to Ashley’s heart clear for Syco Sally! By the way, I know that Syco’s misspelled – it just fits better…

Anyway, moving on, in EastEnders, Amira still doesn’t have a clue that Syed’s having an affair with Christian, however, yet again, someone’s found out about it and that someone has plans to make Syed’s life a misery.

Who is it? Well, we don’t know yet but as soon as we do, so will you!

In Hollyoaks, Hannah’s eating disorder re-emerges, but instead of facing up to her problem and trying to deal with it, she begs Darren to run off with her.

Whether he agrees to her plan or not isn’t yet known/leaked, but again, you’ll be the first to know when we do find out.

One of the biggest Hollyoaks plots this yuletide involves nutjob Lydia who goes totally over the edge and sets off on an angry rampage wielding a knife!

And, she uses it on New Year’s Eve, leaving her victim facing a life and death struggle to survive.

There are happier Chrimbo times in store though when Fernando proposes to Steph.

She accepts, but the question is, will she get cold feet and ditch him at the altar? We’ll find out next year… doesn’t that sound odd?!

There’s another proposal too, because when Cheryl spots Gilly with a ring, she assumes he’s about to propose to her, but will he have the heart to tell her he had no intention of proposing or will he just go with her flow?

Mercedes and Malachy are having some severe marital strife over Christmas when Mercy and Calvin compete for the title of Mr and Mrs Sexy Santa. Can Mal stand to see Mercy kissing Cal? And the poor lad still doesn’t know that the pair are at it. Poor Mal.

More soapy Christmas gossip as we get it!

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