Tracy Beaker Returns: Episode 5 Synopsis – Family Values

Lily and her sisters get fostered, leaving Carmen alone, and her loneliness leads to conflict with the other kids. Written by James Nicol and Jonathan Wolfman.

When Lily and her sisters get fostered, Tracy doesn’t take Carmen’s upset about it too seriously, encouraging her to play with someone else. But the other kids have their own issues and don’t want to play with Carmen, who becomes increasingly alienated and starts behaving deviously.

Matters come to a head over lunch when she lambasts the people in the house, especially Tracy. That night, Carmen steals something precious from all the kids and barricades herself in her room with them. Tracy is let in to talk while the kids carry out a window assault using a ladder and water bombs. The attack is prevented, resulting in Gina getting soaked.

Tracy comes to realise that Lily and her sisters had become like family to Carmen. She returns the kids’ belongings and they come to realise Carmen wasn’t thieving so much as reminding them what it’s like to lose something precious. They let Carmen back into the fold.

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