Arsenal v Manchester United to be shown on Sky... in glorious 3D!

Everyone is going 3D mad at the minute. It’s obviously James Cameron’s fault thanks to his Avatar film (short review is that the film is an absolute howler but the 3D is way too much fun to ignore).

All the TV folks want in on the action too and BSkyB is to air this weekend’s Premier League clash between Arsenal and Manchester United in 3D.

How great is that? Well… if it works…

The broadcaster is showing the special 3D feed of this Sunday’s Premier League clash in a few pubs across the country.

This will be a good popularity indicator for BSkyB as they plan to roll out the 3DTV service to hundreds of the tens of thousands of UK pubs that subscribe to Sky TV from April.

If that works out, then they’ll be looking to bring 3DTV to the nation’s living rooms by the end of 2010.

The pubs that the 3D games are being shown on are not being named by BSkyB for fear of… well… too many giddy and mental people turning up and causing havoc.

Football fans at four London establishments, two in Manchester and one in each of Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin will find they have the option of watching the game on a 3D screen.

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