Celebrity Quitters Series Finale

Weeknights at 7.30pm

Five celebrity smokers attempt to kick the habit in this factual series. Actress Linda Robson, chef John Burton Race, model Chloe Madeley, actor Paul Danan and medium Derek Acorah each have a personal motive for wanting to quit. They will employ a variety of methods in an effort to wean themselves off the weed. Can they erase smoking from their lives for good?

Every weeknight over the course of two weeks, viewers have the chance to follow a group of celebrities in their bid to stop smoking. The stars are now halfway through their quest – how are they getting on in their struggle to quit?

On Monday’s programme, the celebrities embark on their first weekend without smoking. Saturday sees a number of them having strange dreams and there is drama in store when Paul fails his CO2 test. John visits London and meets up with Linda and Chloe when they are presented with an unconventional and challenging task.

Tuesday’s programme sees the celebs battling through their eighth day. So far, they have all managed without fags – but that changes when one of the stars confesses to having had a smoke in the night. The revelation causes consternation and a new wave of doubt amongst the others.

Wednesday’s programme marks ten days since the celebrities quit cigarettes – and things are not working out as expected. Linda is starting to embrace the non-smoking lifestyle as she goes shopping with her smoking sisters to spend the money she has saved since quitting. Chloe excels at an outdoor pursuit centre, but Paul reaches an alltime low and is losing faith in his attempts to quit.

In Thursday’s programme, the end is in sight for the celebrities. Linda has to deal with smoking actors at her panto rehearsal. Chloe visits an oral cancer unit and vows to get her friends to quit as well after seeing first-hand the damage smoking can cause. Meanwhile, Paul has a confession to make.

In the final programme, on Friday, all five celebrities meet up with their families and friends to reveal how they managed – and one family has a shock in store. And the show catches up with each of the celebrities two weeks on to see if they are managing not to smoke now that the cameras have gone…

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